What to Pack First When Moving

If you’re procrastinating and still haven’t started to pack for your move, it most likely is because you have no idea where to begin. You just seem to have so much that needs to be packed, that you’re a bit overwhelmed by it all. But that’s okay, because once you get underway, you’ll start to pick up speed and get your things boxed up in no time.

First, be sure to have all your packing materials ready. This includes boxes, newspaper or packing paper for delicate items, duct tape to seal the boxes, Ziploc bags, and a couple permanent markers so you van label your boxes. Even sturdy garbage bags for non-delicate items (think pillows, towels) can be a great time-saver if you’re starting to run low on time.

Start with the items you have in storage. Why? You aren’t using them, so they’re easy to pack up and you won’t need to open any boxes to get to an item that you need. This includes holiday decorations, things at the back of your closet you haven’t seen in forever, and items in your attic and basement. It’s also a good idea to ask yourself before you pack it- “do I need this??” Because if you haven’t seen it in forever, perhaps you’d be better off recycling, donating, or throwing away some of these items. You can lessen the amount you need to pack by doing so. 

Your out-of-season clothing. You won’t be using your swimsuit in the middle of winter, nor your scarves in the middle of summer. Not only that, but these things are most likely already packed in storage bins that you simply need to make sure are labelled and move to your pile of ‘packed’ boxes.

Rarely used kitchenware is next. This includes the sets of china in your dining room that only gets used on special occasions, as well as other kitchen appliances. These include cookie cutters, pie pans, barbeque tongs, and your food storage containers.

All your decorations and artwork. Art and decor can make your house look nice, but you can certainly live without them for a week or two. By packing them up together, you stay organized when it comes to UN-packing. Knowing all your decorations are together you can wait to accessorize and decorate your new home once you’ve un-packed the rest of your things.

Books and Knick-Knacks. Just like your artwork and décor, you can go a couple weeks without any knick-knacks or your bookshelf. It will help to get your shelf space packed away, allowing you to then focus on packing up the more essential items next.

Extra linens and towels are last on this list. Perhaps you want to change the sheets and your towels one more time before you pack up the rest, but then it’s time to pack up all your extra towels, linens, pillows, and whatever else you have stored in your linen closet.

Once you’ve gotten these items out of the way, it’s time to start packing individual rooms. Start with the toughest rooms or areas first, such as the basement and garage to get it out of the way. There’s also less of a chance that you’ll need something from these rooms during the time that you’re packing for your move. Move on to your other less lived-in rooms such as your office or your living room. The last rooms should be your bathroom, bedroom and your kitchen. If you feel you won’t be needing something during the time period that you’ll be packing, start with that.

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