Tips for hiring a moving company

Tips for hiring a moving company

The best way to plan for a smooth move is by hiring a local moving company that is reputable. If you Google “moving company”, you will see tons of moving companies vying for your business. But how do you know who can be trusted with your stuff? From our experience, checking the reputation of a moving company says a lot. A mover’s great reputation generally means that other moving customers have vetted them for you. By reading customer reviews, you can get an idea for how the moving company deals with anything from estimating to customer service. Here are some key moving company indicators to look for when planning your move.

Are they licensed?

If you are moving within the State, check to see if the moving company holds a state license. If you are moving from state to state, make sure the carrier has a US DOT number, which means they are registered with the United States Department of Transportation, you can check US DOT status here.

Is the moving company insured?

Never use a moving company without a license number or insurance! So how do you know if they have insurance? You need to ask if the moving company you are considering has valid insurance. Hiring a couple movers off of Craigslist who rent a truck, probably aren’t insured. Also note, your homeowners insurance will most likely not cover moving losses.

Do they have online reviews?

This plays into the credibility factor here. That’s fine if the company only has a handful of reviews online, as some companies are more tech savvy and ask customers more often to leave reviews. What to look for is quality vs. quantity.

Do you understand their estimate?

If you have a question about a mover’s pricing structure, odds are other customers did. Low ‘rates’ may not equal a low final bill; as upcharges, fuel charges, day of the week, etc. are often charged on the backend of a final bill. It’s better to know upfront what the additional costs are.

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