The 7 Most Common Moving Issues, and How to Fix Them!

Common Moving Issues

Moving alone is stressful enough, let alone all the unforeseen issues that you may face. This list is compiled of some of the most common moving issues that people come across during and after their move- as well as how to avoid or fix the problem if it does happen to you.

Not Planning Out Your Packing Schedule

Lots of people underestimate the time it will take to pack up all their belongings or procrastinate beginning the large task at hand. This will lead to hectic packing, and possible damage to your items if they are not packed properly.

The Fix? Plan out your move, allowing yourself several weeks to pack. Set aside some time each day to pack up at least a couple boxes and tackle a few rooms a week to make sure that things stay organized and packed in a secure manner.

Damaged Items

Whether it be due to uncareful moving or transport, or not packing your items well, finding damaged items is a very common issue that people face after their move.

The Fix? Be sure to shield your belongings from any potential damage by wrapping them in protective bubble wrap and being sure to fill the gaps with crumpled newspaper or packaging paper. This will ensure that nothing shifts around too much during transport. Also, be sure to label boxes with fragile items as such so that they can be placed on top of other boxes. If a box with heavy items is places on top of something with glass or porcelain, chances of things breaking underneath will go up quite a bit. Also, be sure to cover the edges of valuable or large furniture so that the edges don’t get ruined while they are being transported or brought into your new home. 

Misplacing or Losing Important Documents and Items

The security of important personal documents (such as your birth certificate, passport, financial documents) is often overlooked when moving. Being able to locate your medical, legal, and administrative documents when you need them is essential. Handle these items with special care so that they do not go missing.

The Fix? Be sure to label your boxes as such, placing all your most valuable items in one or two boxes that are sealed especially well to be protected from potential damage. Ideally, you should transport these boxes yourself so that you can be sure that they arrive at your house safely and put in a place that you feel comfortable leaving them. 


Why pack more than what you really need to bring with you? The logic is sound, but many people fail to do this, bringing with them a ton of stuff that they could easily re-buy or that they simply don’t need in the first place. This will make unpacking all your boxes a nightmare, giving you much more work than you really needed to do.

The Fix? Throw out or donate things that you don’t need or can easily re-buy once you arrive at your new address. It is a great time to go through your clothing and donate some to Goodwill, especially if you’ve forgotten you own it in the first place.

Forgetting to Pack an “Essentials” Bag

You’re not going to be able to unpack all your things or locate everything you need for your first few days or week that you move in, and many people find themselves digging through boxes trying to find things they need for the first few days, hectically opening box after box looking for a certain item.

The Fix? Simply pack an “Essentials” Bag, filled with all the things that you’ll need for the first few days or week you move in so that you don’t need to start unpacking the second you arrive. This includes clothes for the first few days, your toothbrush, toiletries, a towel, sheets for your bed, and a first aid kit in case anyone gets hurt while moving (or if you get a headache from the stress).

Utilities Not Set Up Yet

Moving and forgetting to set up your utilities (gas, electricity, water, internet) could lead to a rough few days for you.

The Fix? Be sure to set up your utilities ahead of time so that you don’t have to spend the first couple nights living in the dark or the cold. It sounds simple enough, but many people forget this with all the commotion from moving happening.

Forgetting to Update Your Address

This one is also quite common and easy to overlook. However, the solution is quite simple too.

The Fix? Change your residential address on official documents and financial accounts so that you are findable at your new address. Be sure to update your friends and family of your new place. Also remember to let your workplace, doctor, insurers, and other services you use know as well to avoid any mix-ups or lost paperwork or bills sent to the wrong address.

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