Red Bank Moving Service

When you’ve been in a place a while, it’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate. So whether you’re moving to a brand new place or finishing school and going home, let a Red Bank moving service help you move your belongings with ease and with care. Packing and moving can be a daunting task. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, trust us to get you where you’re going next. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Red Bank movers can be there for you. Here at college grads moving, getting you from A to B is our business. So let’s get moving.

Red Bank Moving Service

Red Bank Moving Service | Being prepared

Not everything you own is going to move-worthy. The best way to start is by identifying everything into three main categories. The first is obviously the stuff you are keeping, and are taking with you. The second category is things you no longer need, but that are still in good condition. These things can be donated to a local charity. Most local charity shops will actually come to you and take your donations away. This makes one less trip for you, and you can feel good that someone else is benefitting from things you no longer want or need. The third category is those items you’ve been hanging onto, just in case, and are broken, have parts missing, or are obsolete, and you can never understand why you still have, anyway. Those you can just throw away! Most garbage companies will rent dumpsters to you, if you have a lot of stuff to throw out, or a “bag” dumpster, which is convenient if you have a smaller space or a smaller amount of things to dispose of.

Red Bank Moving Service |Gathering Supplies

Gathering everything together before you start is always a good idea. You don’t want to break your packing flow because you had to run to the local hardware store for more tape. First, and most obviously, you need lots and lots of boxes. Any grocery store or local chain store should be able to give you flattened boxes for free. You will need lots of rolls of packing tape. A dispenser with a sharp cutting edge will make securing boxes a lot easier. You won’t need a pair of scissors to cut pieces of tape, and a dispenser usually lessens the chance of losing the end of the tape; very frustrating if you’ve ever been there. You will also need bubble wrap for anything breakable. Plastic storage bags of various sizes come in handy for organizing small items, and don’t forget permanent markers to label it all.

Lists and Labels

Don’t be afraid to make detailed lists. You can categorize clothes by seasons. Make sure the boxes you will need right away are labeled priority. You may want to label out of season boxes for storage. Make a list of everything going into the boxes, and tape it onto the outside of each box. Being organized now will help you stay organized as you unpack. Also, don’t forget to label any boxes that have breakable items as fragile, and mark them for “top load” only. You don’t want anything heavy placed on those by accident.

Unpacking and Sorting

Hopefully, all that organization and planning is paying off, and now for the best part, unpacking and placing your things around you. Those lists will help now, you will know exactly where to put each box. The high priority boxes should be the last things loaded, so they are the first ones off. Again, pay attention to boxes with fragile contents. Don’t place heavy items on them now in your zeal to be unpacked. They’ve come this far safely, thanks to a Red Bank moving service.

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