Moving and Packing Supplies Checklist

Moving and Packing Supplies Checklist

There is no doubt about it, moving (as well as having to pack up all your belongings) is a stressful ordeal and huge project to undertake. But, if you’re moving, you have little choice in the matter but to begin packing and get yourself ready for your move.

However, if you have the proper supplies and materials on hand, it can help to make the process a much easier and less stressful task.  This checklist of items will help to alleviate some of that stress so that you are ready to jump into this project, without realizing an hour or two in you need several more items to get the job done and needing to make a trip to the store. 

Various Sized Boxes- You can either purchase these boxes from a store that specializes in boxes or containers, or you can save some money and check with your local liquor store. They typically will have emptied boxes (many times with dividers) that you can use for your glasses or more fragile items. Check with other local vendors to see if they have boxes of different sizes that you can use before making your trip to a container store. The one box that may be invaluable to buy however, is the wardrobe box. This is a large upright box with a metal bar that goes across so you can hang your clothes from your closet as-is, to help make your life simpler.

The reason you should have many different sized boxes on hand is not only due to the size of the items that you are packing, but because boxes should be filled entirely. Under-packed boxes, for example, may cave in if another box is stacked on top of it. And on the other hand, overpacked boxes that are lumpy or misshapen may be hard to stack.

Be careful to pack heavier items in smaller boxes, and lighter items in larger boxes. This will not only make it easier to transport said boxes but ensure that the boxes won’t break if you pack too many heavy things in one large box.

Masking Tape or Duct Tape- Be sure to buy at least 2 rolls of tape for packing, in case you misplace one or run out while packing. Another thing that goes hand in hand with tape is of course, scissors and box cutters. Be sure to, once again, have at least 2 pairs of scissors for your move.

Sharpies and Color-Coded Stickers- These items will help you to stay organized throughout your move. Your sharpies (or permanent markers) are imperative, as you will need to label your boxes, both by room and by what’s inside each. Color-coded stickers can help to further your organization throughout your move, as you can place stickers on ‘delicate’ boxes, and/or label boxes by room to make unpacking the boxes a much easier task once you arrive at your new address.

Protective Packaging Materials- This is a must for delicate items, to help place a cushion between items, on the bottoms, sides, and tops of boxes, as well as around the item itself. Bubble wrap can be expensive, so instead of purchasing a ton from a packaging store, consider using old newspapers (so save them, instead of recycling them prior to your move). If you’re in a jam, you can even use your own towels and blankets to help to cushion some of your more delicate items.

Other Helpful Items- These items include blankets to cover your furniture, so they don’t get scratched during the move, felt pads to move heavy furniture, and hand gloves to help you during your move. ​

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