How to Stay Organized During Your Move

How to Stay Organized During Your Move

Moving can be stressful, so it becomes almost a second-nature to want to just throw everything into boxes just to get the job done and over with. However, once you get to your new house, you won’t appreciate this moving strategy nearly as much once you try to UNPACK all your boxes. 

Here are a few great ways that to help you stay organized for your move and make the transition as seamless as possible.

Pack Up The Things You Won’t Be Using First

These things include seasonal items, décor for your house, storage closet, things in your attic, and your guest bedroom/bathroom. Tackle one room at a time, leaving the rooms that you use the most to pack up last (I.e. your bedroom, certain kitchen and bathroom items, etc.).

Color Code Your Boxes By Room

Personally, I found the use of different colored duct tape to seal up my boxes extremely helpful when it came time to move. I knew the blue taped items went to my bedroom, the red tape went to the kitchen, the yellow tape went to the living room, etc. If you don’t have different colored duct tape, try using colored permanent markers to label your boxes, even using a symbol for each room. For instance, a star could indicate the bathroom, a triangle could indicate the kitchen- get creative.

LABEL your boxes!!!

Even if you know which room each of the boxes are going in, it will prove to be extremely helpful if you make a list of what’s inside each of them in permanent markers, especially if you’re looking for something in particular once you move in (let’s say, sheets for your bed). You don’t have to go crazy, but make sure you give yourself an idea of what’s inside, so you don’t need to open 5 boxes just to find the item you need.

Unpack ‘Storage’ Boxes Last

When you’re moving, be sure to move the storage boxes to a place that’s out of the way so that you can unpack your more crucial items first. If you label some boxes for ‘garage’ or ‘attic’, chances are you won’t need those right away. So, place those boxes in their designated rooms and stick to unpacking your kitchen and bedroom first before tackling the less important items.

Try to Keep ‘Like’ Items Together

Unpacking your closet and your dresser will be a breeze if you make sure you keep all the items together. Pack all your utensils and kitchenware together, all your linens together- that way you can simply unpack each box in the designated area in a stress-free manner. You may be tempted to use some sheets as buffers for fragile items, and unless you’re very limited on packing supplies, it still could cause unnecessary stress when you begin unpacking and find yourself running around your house like a nut trying to find a place for your towels and spare pillows- and then find yourself having to re-organize later once you begin to unpack the rest of the items that go in your linen closet.

Be Sure To Keep a List of Contact Numbers for Utilities

This way, if you need to transfer, cancel, or sign up for new utilities once you move, you’ll be able to find all the needed numbers together. These utilities can range from electricity, gas, cable, internet, security system, trash and your phone provider.

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