How to Pack for Your Move in a Hurry

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So, you’ve signed the rental or housing agreement, and you’ve realized just now you have less than a week, maybe only three days to pack up and move all your items. Where do you even begin?! The thought of it is quite overwhelming. Luckily, these tips can help you pack up your things in a hurry, so you can move into to your new house or apartment as quickly as you need to.

​Gradually Make Your “Throw Away” Piles

​Deciding what NOT to pack is just as important as what you DO need to pack. In this circumstance, you don’t have the luxury of going through your house systematically to get rid of the items you won’t be taking with you. Here, it is VERY important to keep in mind that some things will be easier to re-buy than to take along with you. Start your “Throw Away” and “Donate” piles somewhere out of the way and add to them as you pack up each room.

​Pack Your Essentials Bag First

Get it out of the way. Pack up come clothing you’ll need for the first few days (including socks, underwear, pajamas, and a sweatshirt) as well as toiletries like your toothbrush, shower supplies, a towel, and makeup. Other things that you may need (like your cell phone charger) need to go in this bag so you’ll be able to live at your new house for a few days without tearing apart all your boxes to find that one item you desperately need.Start with the Difficult Rooms

Don’t put off the rooms that will be difficult to pack up for last. Get those rooms done first so you don’t need to worry about them later. These rooms may include the attic, the basement, and/or your garage. Even though you won’t be able to pack each box with a ‘theme’, you can still label each box with its contents and the room it was from to help you later.

​Use Clothing and Soft Items to Wrap Breakables

​In a perfect world, you’d have time to use the appropriate packing materials to wrap up your breakables, but right now, TIME is of essence, and getting things packed away as securely as you can in your allotted time frame is your goal. So, use your towels to wrap up your lamp bases and dishes, maybe your sheets to use to wrap up your computer monitor. It isn’t ideal, but it conquers packing up both your sheets and your breakables at the same time, keeping your fragile items un-broken during the move.

​Pack Up Clothing As-Is

​Use garbage bags (the more heavy-duty, the better) to store the clothing in your closet. Keep the clothing on the hangers, tying about 5 together at a time and folding them. Layer as many as you can without the fear of breaking that garbage bag before moving onto the next bag. Pack up your linens in the same manner. If you can, simply wrap each dresser drawer with plastic wrap so you don’t need to worry about packing and un-packing the contents. If your plastic bins aren’t too heavy, simply duct tape them closed and pack them as-is also, regardless of contents.

​Use Zip-Loc Bags to Help Organize

​If the items aren’t breakable and are smaller (think medicine cabinet, your pens/pencils or electronic cords) then don’t be afraid to toss things into large Ziploc bags to help you stay as organized as possible. 

​Use Suitcases to Pack Books, Files, and DVD’s

Any heavy item like your bookcase can be packed away in a suitcase with wheels to make packing go a lot faster. Be sure to fill up your suitcase and take full advantage of the space it provides, so if you have extra room, add a couple other heavy items to it to finish filling it.

​Always Pack One Room at A Time

This not only keeps things more organized when it comes to unpacking but helps to give you a sense of how far you are as far as packing is concerned. As stated previously, be sure to label each box with the room it’s from, as well as its contents, even if you can’t be quite as organized as you’d like to be. Keep in mind when packing up the kitchen, you can always re-buy a LOT of those items, so be careful to only pack the essentials.

This list should help you get on your way and help you pack up your belongings as quickly as possible. So, let’s stop reading, and start packing, shall we?

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