How to Pack Dishes & Breakable Items?

Pack Dishes

When packing up your kitchen items, you may be tempted to stack your plates or your bowls all together and wrap them as a group. However, this is the easiest way for them to break during transport. This article will show you the best way to pack your dishes, stemware, and other breakable items (such as vases and ceramic decorations) to ensure their safety during your move.

The first rule of thumb is- the more packing paper the better. You can never use too much. Any empty space in your box should be filled with crumpled packing paper/newspaper to ensure that your dishes don’t bump into each other and break while the box is being moved.

Start by packing your ‘dish box’ by layering the bottom with some crumpled up packing paper to give it a nice cushion of protection. You should do this for each of the sides of the box as you are packing it, as well as on the top once you’ve filled the box.

Wrap each item (I.e. each plate, bowl, glass, etc.) individually. Once you’ve wrapped these items, place them into the box in rows. Be sure to place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box, leaving the lighter items to be packed at the top of the box. 

Plates and bowls should be packed in the box on their side in rows. DO NOT lay them flat. Load glasses and cups standing up. 

Once you’ve completed one layer of your dish box, be sure to put down yet another layer of crumpled newspaper before you begin to add more items to your box.

Vases and lamp bases, which are also breakable, can and should be wrapped up in your dish/breakables box. These larger items need to be wrapped in a large paper pad and stood up inside the box. Once again, be sure to fill any additional space with extra crumpled newspaper. (Lamp shades, however, should be packed on their own since they are not breakable). 

Electronics like DVD players and computer monitors, as well as smaller appliances such as toasters can also go in a dish/breakables box. Be sure to wrap these items in a large paper pad (perhaps double wrapping your computer monitors) before packing them. Packing these items on the outside of the box is advisable because it prevents the dishes on the inside from moving around as much, giving them more protection. 

One thing that should NOT go in a box with dishes and breakable items are your pots and pans. Not only are these extremely durable, but they can be very heavy. If a heavy pan were to shift during moving, it could very well break your dishes, even if you took the care to wrap them carefully. 

So, if you are careful to load your items, accordingly, being sure to keep the heaviest items at the bottom, wrapping each item individually, and as mentioned before- FILLING ALL EXTRA SPACE WITH CRUMPLED NEWSPAPER, your dishes and breakables should remain unbroken and ready to use after you move in and unpack them. Best of luck!

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