Hacks for Packing Your Clothing For Moving

Hacks for Packing Your Clothing for Moving

Clothing is one of those things that seem to be left last on your checklist for packing, and reasonably so- you need to wear your clothes and choose what you’ll wear each day for work, bed, and going for a run. But that doesn’t mean your clothing and shoes need to be hastily thrown into boxes last minute once you realize you’ll be moving in less than a week.

Following these tips listed will help keep you from losing your mind and help to make UN-packing a much smoother process overall.

  • First, be sure to wash and dry all your clothes before you pack them away. If you have an item with a stain on it that you simply cannot get out- don’t bother bringing it with you and have it take up unnecessary space in your moving boxes.
  • Next, pack up all your off-season clothes. This includes jackets, hats, scarves and gloves if it’s the summer, or your shorts, tank tops and swimsuits if it’s winter. Getting vacuum seal bags for these items can save a huge amount of space, so it is highly recommended. Label these bags and boxes so you know you don’t need to unpack them right away and can store them in the back of your closet until you have the time to unpack them, or simply wait until the season comes around when you’ll need them again.
  • Create a “Moving Bag” of clothes for yourself. This will be equipped with about a week’s worth of clothing that you’ll need post-move so that you don’t need to feel too rushed to unpack everything once you move into your new house or apartment. Be sure to pack enough socks and pajamas for yourself!
  • Take Advantage of Wardrobe Boxes. These allow you to keep your clothing on their hangers, which will make hanging them in your new closet a breeze once you arrive. Personally, this was a great time-saver for my move. If you don’t have wardrobe boxes, zip-tie bunches of hangers together (about 5-10) and fold them as a set within a box.
  • Keep Clothing in their drawers. Seal your drawers with plastic wrap if you’re moving long distance, but if you’re moving to someplace closer, you may be able to get away with simply stacking the drawers in the back seat of your car and re-inserting them into your dresser once you arrive at your new address.
  • Use small boxes. Clothing can get very heavy very quickly, so resist the urge to throw it all into one large box or trash bag- bags can rip as you’re carrying it up or down the stairs, and that will only cause more stress and take more time for you to re-pack everything later.
  • Fold Up and Pack Your Shoes on an Over-The-Door-Rack. These racks are not very heavy and will help to keep your shoes organized during the move, not to mention easy to find once you arrive at your new place.
  • Use your Luggage to Pack Clothing- especially if it has wheels. There’s little point in towing your empty suitcases to your new place with nothing in them, so take advantage of this space and stow away your clothes in them. You’ll be grateful you did when all you must do is roll your clothes into your room instead of carrying yet another heavy box.
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