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April 20, 2018

Preparing for Your First Move

When it comes to moving, College Grads Moving can provide the quality Princeton moving service you need. Are you finally moving out into the world on your own? It’s a scary step but an exciting one. We move your stuff, all you have to do is prepare it for us. However, the process is much easier said than done. You have so much junk, where do you start? Luckily, we have plenty more recommendations on how you can make your first move the simplest one. Here are a few hacks to making your move more efficient and bearable.

Princeton Moving Service

Pack Boxes Lightly | Princeton Moving Service

When moving, it may seem easier to cram the boxes as much as possible until they are just below the breaking point. However, stuffing your boxes to the brim will actually make the move a lot harder. It will hurt the backs of your movers and everyone will have to go a lot slower not to drop your stuff. You also keep your belongings a lot safer if you spread them among several boxes. Sure you want to fill your boxes, but you need to balance them with one or two heavy items, and a lot of lighter ones on top and on the sides of the box. When you shove everything together, it’s important to think of how difficult you are making life for yourself later. It may take a little work now, but it will save you a lot more energy later.

Spring Clean a Bit

If this is your first big move, you may have held on to a lot of stuff that just simply needs to go. Maybe you look through your stuff and you find things you haven’t returned, things you never use, or junk that’s really overdue trash. Moving’s a great time for getting rid of all the stuff you never have time to look through. Don’t just throw it all in a box without looking at it. When you pack, take the time to look at your stuff and prioritize what you really need. Host a garage sale, put together donation bags, or just make a pile for the dump. Either way you know some stuff has to go. You’re allowed to be sentimental, but maybe bring an unbiased party to help you separate the memories from the trash.

Search for Used Furniture | Princeton Moving Service

If you’re getting your first place by yourself or with a roommate, chances are most of your expenses are going into purchasing that first apartment or house and the budget for furnishings is small. While you may think it’d be nice to get the new couch and television to match your new place, it’s much better to save where you can in the beginning. While you’re young and don’t have anyone to impress, get the old furniture that does the same job with a little more wear. Listen out for neighbors or relatives that are looking to dump old couches and tables. Or you could visit the thrift stores and see what nice pieces of furniture they’re trying to sell. This process may take a little more time, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Keep Track of It All

The biggest key to any move is organization. Before you do anything, plan all the lists of what you need, where you’re packing it, and where it’s going. You may do a lot of organizing as you go, but the more you have planned out ahead of time the better. This will help you and your movers to move a lot faster to get you into your new home.

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March 31, 2018

Have a Career not a Job

When you have paid thousands of dollars and you are finally  finishing up years of schooling, the last thing you want to do is get caught working a day to day job rather than a career you really love. I’m sure we have all heard the old saying, if you hate your job you have to work everyday, but if you love your job you never work a day in your life. If you want to love your job and never feel like you have to work, never feel like you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning for a paycheck then find a career you love. Here are 5 tips for finding a good career or company, like a Princeton moving service, after college.

princeton moving service

Smiling businesswoman writing a relocation checklist for her office on a clipboard and looking at camera open carton box on foreground

Do Not Let the World Tell You Who You Are!

You need to ask yourself three questions. What do you love to do? Would I be happy doing this even if I wasn’t getting paid? What in the past have I been successful doing? If you can answer these questions you are well on your way. Plan your own path. Reflect on what activities make you happy, the lifestyle you hope to have, and where you want your life to take you.

Princeton Moving Service | Know Your Interviewer!

You always want to be prepared going into an interview. You should go in dressed to impressed, whether the job calls for formal wear or not, you want to show that you care about your appearance and that regardless of what the job may entail that you respect it. You need to know who will be interviewing you, and what their company culture is. Look over their website, make sure you understand the industry the company is in and who their main competitors are. You need to be aware of what types of products they sell, or how it is that they make their profit. This way going in there you have n insight into what they may need and be looking for in a perspective employee, and you can be more prepared for what they throw at you.

If You Can’t Stand Your Boss You Won’t Like Your Job

You want to be sure that when you are deciding on the company you want to begin your career at, if not your career place itself, you want to be sure to like and respect your boss. Not only will your relationship with your boss directly affect your mood but also your overall work experience and success within a company.

Princeton Moving Service | Do Not Be Afraid Of Responsibilities

A rule of thumb when you are trying to move up in the workforce, ask for more responsibility. You do not want to bite off more than you can chew but know how much you can handle and push yourself to always do your best. You don’t want to sit by and wait for someone to tell you what to do, take initiative. Show your boss not only that you deserve to be promoted, but you can handle it without a doubt.

Love What You Do More Than What You Make

I know that looking for a job and trying to build a career can be an overwhelming process. Many times you just want to take anything that looks your way because you have financial concerns weighing on you. Do not ever let money hold you back from what you truly love and deserve. If you feel you need to take a job to be financially responsible that is more than understandable, but keep searching! Never settle for less than your dream. Whether you want to own the best Princeton moving service, or climb to the top of the corporate ladder, or start your own all natural beauty store, whatever it is, go for it and never give up.

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