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March 9, 2018

Money Tips For College Grads

Money is one of the biggest stressors in all of our lives, but after college when you have just spent your savings or took out a loan, it ways heavy on our hearts. Money might make the world go round, but it does not have to make you go crazy. There are many helpful tips out there to get you from college grad with financial debt, to a college grad free from worry. Here are 7 tips, from a Princeton Moving Company, for you.

Princeton Moving Company

Save Money

You should be doing your best to put away 20-25% of you paycheck each week. Then, do what makes you happy with the rest! There is no need to hold yourself back from things because you are stressing about your financial situation, adding extra pressure does not help anyone! If you are able to put away money, you are doing what you need to do! If you can put up to 20-25% away, you are doing much better than what you think! If you can do that, you are saving more than what 99% of people were able to when they got started!

Start Tracking Your Money

There are many different apps and options out there to help you start tracking where you are allocating your money. No matter how small, or how much you have, it is good to be paying attention to where your money goes, whether its savings, investments, or payments. If you know where your money is going, you know how to better handle it. What to put more into such as savings or investments, and where to pull back from, such as purchases or subscriptions.

Better Money Habits

It only takes one month to build a new habit! So start today! Small consistent changes create huge change and growth.

Do Not Wait On Your Perfect Career

You never want to settle for less, but it takes work to get everything you always wanted! Get a job doing something as close to what you really want as possible. Start building your network, start creating ideas and avenues in your life! Never be so focused on the end result that you miss all the steps on the way!

Princeton Moving Company | Take a Chance- its not a risk

Mistakes are how we learn and grow, it is a part of life to stumble because it teaches us how to stand up stronger. Too many of us are striving so hard to be everything we hope and dream we can be that we stress perfection, rather than being proud of our progress. Be proud of how far you have come, many of us don’t find our perfect career right away. It takes time and experience to really know yourself and where you want this dream to take you. So get out there and try things, those things, and the mistakes you may make along the way just might be the thing that spells it all out for you.

Minimize Expenses

We all want to go out and have a good time and unwind, but there is a right way to do it. Don’t eat out everyday with friends and wonder where your money went. That is just one example of a good place to start cutting back. There are many others, such as commuting. If you are taking an uber to work everyday, try looking into public transportation. If you have the option to live rent free, then seize that opportunity to grow your wealth.

Princeton Moving Company | Never Stop Learning

Whether you start looking into good investment ideas to build your finances outside of your career, or looking into Roth IRA’s to grow your money, new skills are always beneficial. If you can learn new skills that you foresee are becoming a huge demand for the future, then you always have things to fall back on. Do not limit yourself to your dream career, rather open yourself to all the possibilities out there. You never know what you may find, or who you could meet that may rocket you into the next level of your life.  It is always good to find a hustle that works for you, and subsidize your career income. Try not to get caught up in having a perfect life, you will be so busy stressing that you might miss the life you have. Life is what we make it. So if you are a college grad looking for a move, there is no better Princeton Moving Company than College Grads Moving & Storage.

College Grads Moving & Storage




February 26, 2018

Where to Get Free Packing Boxes

When you’re moving, you try to find the perfect Princeton moving company, and the best free boxes. If you don’t have any lying around the house, box hunting can be tricky when you don’t know where to look. We want you to find all the boxes you need for the next move, so here are a few places you can search for those free cardboard boxes.

Princeton Moving Company

Online Shopping Sites | Princeton Moving Company

Sites such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace often have free sections online where people give away their old cardboard boxes. You can reach out to those close by and take their empty boxes for free. Get creative and look online for credible sites that simply want to get rid of their old cardboard boxes. This does have some risk, so check into the “seller’s” ratings if you can. Make sure the site is credible.

Local Stores

Pretty much any local retailer will receive shipments in large cardboard boxes and will be happy to get rid of them. If you check with local manufacturers and grocery stores, you can simply ask at customer service and they’ll tell you if they have any lying around. It’s better to ask first than going through their recycling bins. Go to places that would carry larger items, such as computers, books, or home improvement equipment. These should have sturdier cardboard boxes that will be great for moving.

Office Buildings | Princeton Moving Company

Offices also receive packages and shipments frequently then have leftover boxes with no purpose. If you ask the person at the front desk, they will gladly show you where to find these old boxes.

Someone Who Moved

If you know someone who recently moved, they’re not usually eager to hold on to all the old boxes. If you help them in the moving process, they will also be more eager to let you claim the boxes. Use your connections to find people who have recently moved or may have old boxes from a move a few years ago. If you see someone new to the area, put yourself out there by asking for their leftover boxes. Most will be happy to get the extra space back.

Apartment Complexes | Princeton Moving Company

You should find more boxes in apartment complexes because people in apartments are more likely to move more frequently. You can visit these places and ask some of the local residents if they have leftover boxes they’re not planning on using. There should be plenty of options at a larger complex.

College Dorms

College kids are constantly moving each year, but will not usually have the space to keep extra boxes in small dorms. They should be wiling to let you use their boxes so they can free up more space. After asking just a few rooms, you would probably have more than enough boxes of your choosing.

Recycling Centers | Princeton Moving Company

The best place to find recyclable boxes would be at recycling centers. Some places may give you easier access to boxes than others, but all those boxes will just be recycled anyway. If you’re willing to do a little searching, recycling centers should have piles of all the free cardboard you could need.

Yard Sales

So many people sell old books and toys at their yard sales and stack them all randomly in their large cardboard boxes. Since the point of a yard sale is to get rid of junk, most people won’t mind if you want their old boxes for free. They clear the clutter, and you get more packing materials.

Now that you’ve found all the free boxes you need, consider hiring a Princeton moving company with all the money you saved. Our work speaks for itself as 65 percent of our business comes from referrals of our past clients. If you’d like to learn more about our services, visit our website or call us to find out more!

December 9, 2017

Princeton Moving Company

Princeton Moving CompanyMany people debate whether or not to hire a Princeton moving company for their move. If you are having trouble making this decision, just know that it will be well worth it. Below are some reasons to hire a Princeton moving company and not to drag your friends and family into helping you do it yourself.

Reasons to Hire a Princeton Moving Company

  • For Your Own Safety: You may be thinking that you can lift and move that large, heavy dresser by yourself, but chances are you won’t be able to without hurting yourself. By hiring a Princeton moving company, you are eliminating the chances of getting yourself hurt on the day of your move. A professional Princeton moving company knows how to safely lift and move the heaviest of items using the right techniques and the right equipment. They will also have this equipment right on their truck and they know how to properly and safely use it.
  • Save Money: When doing a move on your own, a lot of hidden expenses are going to come to the surface. You would have to rent the equipment to move your furniture, rent a moving truck, possibly pay insurance on that rental truck, and if you drop any fragile items or furniture you’ll have to pay to replace it. While hiring a Princeton moving company may seem expensive, it will eliminate these hidden costs of a DIY move and will be well worth the price.
  • They Are Reliable: A professional Princeton moving company will be both reliable and accountable during your move. They will ensure that your belongings arrive safely and on time to your new home helping to reduce your stress levels on the day of the move. Often times there will also be a contract involved with a moving company guaranteeing the safe move of your belongings. These movers will also be pretty experienced meaning they really know what they’re doing and may even have some tips and tricks to make your move easier and less stressful.
  • Fast Pace: An experienced Princeton moving company will be able to get in and get out of your home quickly on the day of the move. It may seem overwhelming having a moving team in your home so doing their job efficiently will give you more time to settle in and unpack the rest of your boxes in the peace of your new home.
  • Peace of Mind: Possibly the most important reason to consider hiring a Princeton moving company. By hiring movers, you’re giving yourself peace of mind and are taking some weight off your own shoulders. Moving is a stressful process and knowing that your belongings are being reliably and safely transported to your new home is extremely helpful. This will also give you the time to do some last minute things like say goodbye to your neighbors without having to worry about packing up a rental truck yourself.

Looking for an Excellent Princeton Moving Company?

College Grads has been providing dependable, quality moving, packing and storage services in New Jersey and the Continental United States since 1986. It is said that the best compliment any service can receive is a referral. 65% of our new bookings come from our past customers & their referrals. Our Central NJ service towns include: Princeton, Piscataway, Hazlet, Holmdel, East Brunswick, Red Bank, Cranford, East Windsor, Rumson and many more. For more information on our Middlesex County moving & storage services, you can call 732) 246-4454 or visit the website.

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