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December 31, 2017

Mercer County Movers

Hiring a moving company can be an unnerving decision to make. Whoever you choose is going to have full access to your home and possessions as they pack everything and move it. You don’t want to choose a company that is not proven to be trustworthy. College Grad Moving are trustworthy Mercer County movers that have your best interests in mind.

Mercer County Moving Company

Choosing the Right Mercer County Movers

When you’re choosing Mercer County movers, often times word of mouth is the best tool to trust. If someone you know can give you a good word about company you have more reason to trust it. A friend or personal reference will have nothing to gain from themselves for giving a recommendation for a company.

Be wary of any company that is asking you to make a large deposit. A reasonable amount for you to put down up front should be around 20% of your total estimated costs. Often times professional movers won’t collect any payment until the job is completed.

Also be sure to check and make sure that the mover you choose has the proper credentials. This is especially necessary if you are crossing state lines in your move. Movers must have an ID number issued through the Department of Transportation that they make available to potential customers on their website. They are also required to have a carrier number issued through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Are You Searching for the Right Mercer County Movers?

Choosing a moving company is a decision that should be made carefully. What could be more horrifying than finding your personal belongings damaged or stolen with no way to identify who it was after a long move? College Grads Moving is a reliable and trustworthy name among Mercer County movers. Since 1986 we’ve brought our quality and customer-oriented services to NJ and the United States. For more information, call today at (732)246-4454 or visit the website!

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