Moving with pets

7 tips for moving with your pets

Moving is a stressful experience for humans, imagine what it does to your pets! As we all know, animals are creatures of habit and not fans of change. Moving with your furry friend can be shocking to them and it takes them time to get accustomed to your new home. Gradually they will get used […]

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Preparing for a DIY Move? Read these tips first!

There is a reason that moving is one of the most stressful events in people’s lives. There are a wide variety of things to do in one small period of time, and adding that onto the already busy schedule of an average person in 2016, it is enough to drive you crazy! That is why […]

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day to move

No Items Left Behind

Many people end up leaving at least one thing behind when they move. With the in and out, the last minute packing, and the sheer stress of the movement, it is inevitable that this occurs. Many times homeowners leave certain things for last that they will be using up until the day they move, and […]

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Spring into your move

March is upon us, and that means looking forward to spring. This is one of the prime moving seasons as people get motivated to get outside and shake off that cooped up feeling of winter. Here are our spring tips to get you prepared for your move! Spring Cleaning – Your mother has been doing […]

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Protect your investment during your relocation

It’s no joke, there are so many things to think about during a move that there are innumerable blogs, tips and how to guides out there to assist. Between scheduling the move, packing, coordinating the time away and the deadlines, things get forgotten. We are taking this opportunity to highlight one of the chief things […]

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Happy New Year!

First of all, we at College Grads Moving would like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. As 2016 begins, we like to check in with our prospective customers and help if we can, with accomplishing some of those new year’s resolutions such as moving to a new place. This is the perfect […]

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Moving during the Holiday Season

Everyone knows that moving is stressful, add on the stress of the holiday season, and winter weather conditions and it can seem impossible to move this time of year. However, with a little preparation, you will realize that moving during the holiday season is possible! Below are some of our top tips for keeping your […]

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Tips to avoid Injury while moving

There are already a lot of things to think about when you’re moving. Your mind is constantly going from one worry to the next. Will everything fit in the new space? Will I be packed in time? How will I fit this piano in my new home? The last thing anyone wants is to get […]

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First time moving? Luckily, we’ve got your back.

Moving is the third most stressful life event that you will experience. There is a lot involved in the whole process, from initially deciding to move to the actual move, if you’ve never done it before it’s important to be completely prepared for what’s in store. We recognize that the most stressful thing is packing […]

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