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May 11, 2016

Preparing for a DIY Move? Read these tips first!

There is a reason that moving is one of the most stressful events in people’s lives. There are a wide variety of things to do in one small period of time, and adding that onto the already busy schedule of an average person in 2016, it is enough to drive you crazy! That is why there are companies like College Grads Moving to help you during this time. We know home buying should be an exciting time not a stressful one. Read our tips on why you should avoid the stress and hire a professional.

  1. It’s not always cheaper to do it yourself. Many homeowners believe that moving themselves will save them the money. However, this is a hard case to make due to the number of costs and factors that actually come into play during the moving process. Even the “simple” tasks of obtaining packing materials, renting a truck, tolls, gas etc. can add up.
  2. Packing can be more than you bargained for. Packing a home requires time, dedication and lots of man power. This Is really not something that can be left until the last minute. Knowing which things to pack ahead of time, which to pack last, labeling for efficiency, and protecting precious items with enough packaging are tasks in themselves! When a company packs AND moves you, this is a major plus as they can guide you through the packing process, secure your precious items, and see them safely to your new home.
  3. There is a chance you may be injured. Sure, you’re in “great shape”, but did you know that moving mistakes such as lifting something incorrectly can leave you laid up? How will you unpack all of your items when you have a new low back issue? Over packing boxes can lead to hefty items to transport, and cumbersome furniture is no one-person task.
  4. Renting a moving truck can be challenging. How do you determine what size truck to rent? You may end up paying extra for a truck too large, or have to make two trips with a truck too small.
  5. Relying on family and friends does not always work perfectly. Your college buddies said they’d help, all they need is a pizza and some beer and they are there. Well, when you’re in a time crunch and need their help, will they actually be there? Family engagements, work meetings and doctors’ appointments can all come out of the blue and you don’t want to be left hauling everything on your own.

Don’t be scared, the professional and educated movers at College Grads Moving are ready to help you with your move. We pack and move our clients to take the burden off of them and to let them get to the excitement of the move.

April 6, 2016

No Items Left Behind

Many people end up leaving at least one thing behind when they move. With the in and out, the last minute packing, and the sheer stress of the movement, it is inevitable that this occurs. Many times homeowners leave certain things for last that they will be using up until the day they move, and then leave without it. Here is our list of things that most people leave behind:

  • House Plants/ Outdoor Plants – these usually get left until last because there is fear of them being damaged when packed with the rest of the house.
  • Rugs – believe it or not, rugs are easy to overlook when taking the last sweep of the house! They blend in with the floor and anxious minds forget that area rugs need to go too!
  • Outdoor furniture – generally the focus is on the inside of the home, and homeowners forget that there may be some items in the back yard that they have forgotten.
  • Medication – since medication is generally used daily, this is usually something left in a cabinet for use up until moving day. It is easy to forget that they are hiding in there.

There is nothing worse than getting to your new home and realizing you left something behind. Make certain you and your movers do a clear sweep of the house before you lock the doorway behind you. Open all of the cupboards up, take a walk around the house to see if there is anything you’ve forgotten, and make a list of those necessities that you didn’t pack with the rest of your things so that they are not forgotten!

College Grads Moving will safely pack and move all of your belongings for you! Get rid of the tension from the situation and focus on settling in to your new house. As a family owned and run business, we realize the stress that moving can put on a family and we are here to serve! Find out if we service your area here!

March 3, 2016

Spring into your move

March is upon us, and that means looking forward to spring. This is one of the prime moving seasons as people get motivated to get outside and shake off that cooped up feeling of winter. Here are our spring tips to get you prepared for your move!

  • Spring Cleaning – Your mother has been doing this for ages, when the sun starts to peek out and the birds start their morning chirping, it’s time to do our spring cleaning! This will help prep you for your move by clearing out the clutter. There is no reason to move unwanted items and trash from one home to another. Go through the house and get rid of unnecessary items that you no longer need.
  • Garage Sale – A good way to make some money and get rid of some junk lying around your house is to host a garage sale. All of the items you’ve deemed unnecessary in spring cleaning need to go out! Sell them to someone who can give them a new use.
  • Schedule – No matter when you’ll be moving it is important to have a schedule. Pick a date on the calendar and start making short term goals.
  • Hire Movers – This is a great thing to get out of the way ahead of time. Since spring is a very busy season for moving companies, you want to schedule your move now! If you already know the dates that you will be moving, call and schedule your company and get it out of the way and crossed off the list.

Now you’re ready to get moving! Spring cleaning, making some money and preparing for the move all in one swoop. If you’re looking for a moving company that is experienced and reliable then you want us at College Grads Moving. Contact us today and let us help you spring into your move!

February 15, 2016

Protect your investment during your relocation

It’s no joke, there are so many things to think about during a move that there are innumerable blogs, tips and how to guides out there to assist. Between scheduling the move, packing, coordinating the time away and the deadlines, things get forgotten. We are taking this opportunity to highlight one of the chief things that commonly is forgotten by the clients we service: protecting your investment during the movement.

When the moving truck pulls up and the movers jump out of the truck, is your family ready for the traffic? Particularly in the winter months, protecting the inside of your house from the extraneous elements of slush, mud and water is essential. Here are our hints to protect your fresh home from the moving experience.

  • Put in some plastic runner to cover carpeting and flooring
  • Set up a route for movers in the household. You may not want the movers going in and out of each and every room. Establish spots for unloading certain items. Using the runner to direct people to the rooms which you’d like utilized is helpful
  • Get a door stop. This comes in handy both for moving out of your old home and into the new home. Using a door stop will help prop the door open so that it doesn’t get broken from opening and closing or become damaged
  • Have some cash on hand. If you’re planning on tipping your moving company or springing for pizza to thank the friends and family that have helped you, keeping cash on hand helps to avoid trips to the ATM or bank. Chances are, you may not know the location of the nearest bank to your new home and you don’t want to leave people in your new home while you go out to find it
  • Turn down the heat/AC. Depending on the time of year you’re moving, adjust the thermostat. There is no need to heat or air condition while the door is constantly being opened and closed

These smart tips will assist you to protect your new investment during your relocation. We hope that if you hadn’t planned for these things, that you will now. Our movers at College Grads Moving are dedicated to making your relocation as smooth as possible. If you haven’t already scheduled a mover for your big move, request your free estimate today!

January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

First of all, we at College Grads Moving would like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. As 2016 begins, we like to check in with our prospective customers and help if we can, with accomplishing some of those new year’s resolutions such as moving to a new place.

This is the perfect time to begin thinking about what this year has in store for you. Maybe you need just a little extra motivation towards planning for your inevitable move, or your dragging your feet for whatever reason. Let’s put those plans into action!

Whether you’re sick of your current living situation, starting a new job, upsizing to accommodate a growing family or downsizing, now is the time to start planning. No matter what the reason is for moving, it’s better to start ahead of time, and what other time to start than the beginning of the new year.

Studies have shown that selling your home in the winter is not as unobtainable as many believe. Since it is technically “off season” for moving companies, it can be easier to schedule your move, lighter on your wallet and easier on your mind as well. This time is also good for people with children, as usually schools take a “winter break”. This makes transitions to new homes, new school systems and taking time off easier for all.

If winter just doesn’t seem right for you, at least start your planning now. We at College Grads Moving are here to help you through the process. From packing your belongings to making sure they end up in the right spot, we’re the local NJ moving company for you. Request your free estimate today!

December 16, 2015

Moving during the Holiday Season

Everyone knows that moving is stressful, add on the stress of the holiday season, and winter weather conditions and it can seem impossible to move this time of year. However, with a little preparation, you will realize that moving during the holiday season is possible! Below are some of our top tips for keeping your life as comfortable as possible during your move.

  • Plan Ahead: Schedule ahead of time so that other things that you know you’ll be rushing to do during that time of year don’t get tossed by the wayside. Start packing early and hire your moving company ahead of time as well. This time of year companies get overloaded with people who don’t want to move themselves through the snow and weather, don’t get left behind to do it on your own by waiting until the last minute.
  • Restrain yourself when decorating: Make smart choices when decorating. You with the close to the holidays. Packing up boxes and boxes of holiday décor on top of the regular boxes for moving can overload you. If you want to make sure your family doesn’t miss out on the holiday, you can still do some light decorating. Consider a smaller tree, not displaying all decorations, or just choosing a few sentimental things to display this year. Next year you will have a brand new holiday season in your new home, and you can go all out.
  • Prepare for the weather: check the forecast to be ahead of the game on any storm system that may be affecting the area during your move. You want to be sure to be prepared for any scenario, make sure the vehicle you’ll be moving with is prepared for winter, and allow for extra time for you and the movers to get from point A to point B.

Our college grad moving team is prepared to move you through the snow and the holidays. We know this time of year can be tough on a family who is moving, let us help ease some of the trouble. Contact us today and let us move you through the holidays!

November 1, 2015

Tips for hiring a moving company

The best way to plan for a smooth move is by hiring a local moving company that is reputable. If you Google “moving company”, you will see tons of moving companies vying for your business. But how do you know who can be trusted with your stuff? From our experience, checking the reputation of a moving company says a lot. A mover’s great reputation generally means that other moving customers have vetted them for you. By reading customer reviews, you can get an idea for how the moving company deals with anything from estimating to customer service. Here are some key moving company indicators to look for when planning your move.

Are they licensed?

If you are moving within the State, check to see if the moving company holds a state license. If you are moving from state to state, make sure the carrier has a US DOT number, which means they are registered with the United States Department of Transportation, you can check US DOT status here.

Is the moving company insured?

Never use a moving company without a license number or insurance! So how do you know if they have insurance? You need to ask if the moving company you are considering has valid insurance. Hiring a couple movers off of Craigslist who rent a truck, probably aren’t insured. Also note, your homeowners insurance will most likely not cover moving losses.

Do they have online reviews?

This plays into the credibility factor here. That’s fine if the company only has a handful of reviews online, as some companies are more tech savvy and ask customers more often to leave reviews. What to look for is quality vs. quantity.

Do you understand their estimate?

If you have a question about a mover’s pricing structure, odds are other customers did. Low ‘rates’ may not equal a low final bill; as upcharges, fuel charges, day of the week, etc. are often charged on the backend of a final bill. It’s better to know upfront what the additional costs are.

For a free moving quote and to speak with a trusted moving specialist Contact Us.

September 22, 2015

Tips to avoid Injury while moving

There are already a lot of things to think about when you’re moving. Your mind is constantly going from one worry to the next. Will everything fit in the new space? Will I be packed in time? How will I fit this piano in my new home? The last thing anyone wants is to get injured, suffering an injury could hold up your move and possibly prevent you from getting out of your place and into a new one on time.

We understand that for many people it’s a money saving task. People feel that if they pack, lift and move themselves, they will not have to pay a mover. Understandable, even so, one needs to be mindful that even an in-shape person can get hurt doing new tasks like packing and lifting boxes. These are movements and activity that most of our bodies are not used to. Follow our tips to prevent injury while moving.

  1. Remember, lift with your legs. We’ve all heard this before, but it is something we quickly forget. For the most part our lower body has more power and musculature than our upper body or our back. When lifting something off the ground that is particularly heavy, rely on your legs to push you up and save your back the work.
  2. Hold the Object Close to Your Body. Our sedentary lives tend to put our joints in a deconditioned state. When we start to utilize our bodies for projects other than the norm, joints can become hurt. Keeping objects close to the body will put less stress on the joints.
  3. Pay attention to body position. Keep elbows flexed, head up and neck straight while lifting. The most minor changes in position of these body parts, combined with a heavy lifting load can cause a muscle sprain or strain.
  4. Get expert help when you need it. Don’t be a hero, once you get to your new place there is plenty of work ahead. If you are injured, unpacking and getting settled can be most difficult. If you need help lifting or something is too heavy for you, call in an expert.

Choose the educated way to move. College Grads Moving & Storage can safely pack and move all of your belongings and save you the possibility of injury. If you are a New Jersey resident planning a move or are in need of assistance moving call us today!

August 3, 2015

First time moving? Luckily, we’ve got your back.

Moving is the third most stressful life event that you will experience. There is a lot involved in the whole process, from initially deciding to move to the actual move, if you’ve never done it before it’s important to be completely prepared for what’s in store. We recognize that the most stressful thing is packing and moving the entirety of your home from one place to another and that’s why we’re here. Hiring a professional moving company will take that stress away, so that you can sit back and relax. To make your life easier, the guys at College Grad’s Moving & Storage are here to give you some tips and advice on using a moving company to make your first move.

  1. Planning Ahead: Book your moving company in advance! There are certain times of the year, summer especially, that everyone moves at the same time. Making sure you have your company booked early will keep you at ease knowing you won’t be left doing the moving to yourself when moving companies are already booked. Although we do offer last minute moves, it can sometimes be difficult to get the exact day or week requested if not scheduled in advance.
  2. Accessibility: What are the obstacles that a moving company might run into? Consider things like steep driveways, apartment rules and regulations, elevators, stairways, loading zones and so on. Considering these potential obstacles is important before your moving crew shows up. Notifying us ahead of time will help us with planning so that we can figure out the best way possible to get your move done quickly, efficiently and safely.
  3. Packing: As a full service moving company, we offer packing services to our customers. Many wish to pack their own possessions as they are concerned about protecting certain valuable items, but don’t take into account the weight of the box or how it will be loaded on the truck. Our College Grads are trained in packing boxes as well as the trucks, we know the proper ways to bundle and secure valuable or breakable items in order for secure safe transit to the end goal.
  4. Moving Day: We are always reachable, you can always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Again, we know this process is stressful, especially if it’s your first move. We are happy to answer your questions and help to put you at ease. You will be notified when we’re on our way so that you can prepare for us.

Whether it’s a local or long distance move, College Grads Moving is here for you! We are a Family Owned and Operated Company that has been providing dependable and quality Moving, Packing, and Storage Services throughout New Jersey since 1986. Call us today to schedule your move.Moving in NJM

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