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March 21, 2017

Why use College Grads Moving and Storage?

There are so many moving companies out there New Jersey, so why should you use College Grads Moving and Storage?

  • Local Area: We serve the entire state of New Jersey, giving full service for local and long-distance relocations. We know the New Jersey area, including the surrounding areas, very well. We’ve been moving people throughout NJ since 1986!
  • Top Ranked: We are among the top ranked moving companies in New Jersey. We are widely known for our stellar reputation, the care we take and specialized service.
  • Experience: Our team is hand picked full of experienced moving staff. From packing and loading the truck to unpacking and complete set-up at your new location, our experienced team has done it all.
  • Free Estimate: We provide free estimates through our easy to use online contact form. Once you submit your request, one of our dedicated service staff members will reach out to you.
  • Additional Services: We offer some other services to help you make your move as successful as possible. We offer packing, unpacking, dismantling and reassembling, crating and uncrating, short and long-term storage, long distance moves, and more.
  • Family Owned: As a family owned company we pride ourselves on old-fashioned family values. Trust, respect, responsibility and reliability are values we have instilled in our team. These values shine through with each move that we complete!

If you’re looking for a moving and storage company that stands out among the rest, you’ve finally found it. Fill out our free estimate form today and let us move you!

February 11, 2017

Your New Jersey Moving Company

From Mercer County to Somerset County we are your New Jersey moving company. You won’t find another moving company that knows the Garden State better than College Grads Moving & Storage. With over 28 years’ experience in the industry, New Jersey residents have been counting on College Grads to provide them with high quality moving services for years. Read More

January 20, 2017

Move with us!

Scratching your head trying to decide which moving company to use? Stay smart! There is a more educated way to move, with College Grads Moving. Our family owned and operated business cares about getting your move completed right. We absolutely stand out among the rest with our reputation, care, and specialized services. Let us prove it to you.

Our Reputation
Since 1986, College Grads Moving has been providing dependable, quality moving, packing and storage services locally in New Jersey, and around the United States. We can tell you firsthand that the best compliment any service can receive is a referral because about 65% of our new bookings come from our past customer’s referrals. We greatly appreciate each and every referral and that is why we work extra diligently to give the best service every move.

The Care We Take
We treat our crew right so that they stay motivated to keep doing the superior job that they do. We personally recruit, train and hire all new staff members and we do not accept employees through temporary agencies. Giving our staff a bonus for all referrals which result from any moves they have completed helps us to recognize the amazing staff we have and keep them motivated to servicing our clients.

Specialized Service
We keep our service simple, our customers only deal with one set of movers from loading to delivery. Sub-contracting to other carriers, mixing customers goods in a truck and delivery delays are just not acceptable in our book.

If you are in Central or Northern New Jersey and looking for a moving and storage company, make the smart move and call College Grads Moving today!

December 19, 2016

Utilize your storage Unit

The New Year is coming, which means it’s time to start anew and clear out all of the clutter in your home.  If you’re moving this December, even better!  Moving is a perfect way to get organized and weed out the items you don’t use. Utilizing your storage space will help you to sort through the excess and avoid overwhelming your new home.

If you don’t plan on using all of your furniture just yet, put it in storage.  Whether due to limitations in space, nostalgic attachment to an item you’re not ready to get rid of, or you aren’t sure where it fits in your new home, put it in storage. Give yourself time to think about where it should go, why you’re keeping it, and if it fits in your new place.

Pack up your seasonal items, organize and label totes or boxes and put them in storage for easy access as you need them. Although you may need your holiday decorations, winter clothing and travel gear right now, you don’t need decorations for other holidays, summer clothing or surfboard. Store them! Don’t simply make room that could be better suited for everyday items.

Antiques and keepsakes are another set of items you may want to store. Using a temperature controlled storage facility, you can be sure that these items are safe and secure until you want to use them in the future. Make sure the facility you are using has video monitoring and an alarm system to protect your valuables.

Luckily, there is a moving company that is here to take care of moving and storing these types of items for you. Call the professional movers of College Grads Moving and find out more about our NJ storage facilities with 24 hour video monitoring and alarm system. We’d be happy to move you as well!

November 16, 2016

Do I really need a moving company?

If you’ve been hesitant to decide if you really need a moving company or not for your move, we’ve got a checklist for you!

  • This is my first time moving
  • If this is your first time moving, hire professionals. Insufficient moving experience on your part can cause what seems to be a smooth transition to turn into disaster.
  • I don’t have family or friends available or willing to help
  • Don’t let your move turn into a one man or one couple show. Whether or not you believe it, you can’t do it all by yourself with no problems! Something is bound to creep up that will cause a slowdown in the process when you haven’t hired experts to make the move for you.
  • I have antiques, expensive , and valuable items to move
  • Breaking an antique piece of furniture due to inexperience, not enough help, or bad packing in the truck will be devastating. Experienced movers know exactly how to pack, protect and safely move your antiques and valuables.
  • I am moving long distance (coast to coast)
  • Long distance moves are best left to a mover who specializes in long distance moves. Save the time, money and hassle when renting a truck and calculating mileage!
  • I am moving state to state
  • Same as above, interstate moves can cost a fortune factoring in tolls, trucks, gas, and mileage on the truck. Hiring a moving company to do it all will save you time, energy and money in the end!

Even if you’ve only checked one box on this list, we recommend hiring an experienced moving team. Especially if you’ve never moved before, it can be a daunting task packing, hauling and moving all of your items from one home to another. Experienced movers do this for a living, moving and packing you quickly and efficiently. We hope this checklist will be all you need to decide to hire some help for your next move. Let us know if we can help!

October 13, 2016

Moving Long Distance with Children

Traveling long distance with children can be a stressful task. Trying to keep everyone happy along the route, making sure they’re occupied and hoping you all get there one peace is often done on a wing and a prayer. Well, fear not! Download your playlists and hop in the car, we’ve got the tips to get you there!


Everyone being comfortable in the car, especially during a long drive, can go a long way to making the ride enjoyable. If you are going on a particularly long trip, bringing a fresh change of clothes is a way to make your halfway point a complete refresh for everyone. Keep a box in the car with toothbrushes, toothpaste, wipes and hand sanitizer for easy use. This way everyone can freshen up when they need it.


Kids get bored easily, add a long trip with no room for movement, and you can already hear the age old question coming “are we there yet?” Pack a box in the car with books, DVD’s (if you have a portable DVD player), toys, pillows, blankets, coloring books and crayons to keep everyone occupied. Make sure the iPod and iPad are loaded up with plenty of music and apps and don’t forget a few sets of headphones!

Pack Snacks:

Since you’ve hired College Grads to pack and haul all of your belongings, there is plenty of space in the car. Pack a cooler of fresh foods, plenty of water, and easy to eat snacks for the road. Keep kids in a good mood with mood bosting fresh fruits and stay away from things like candy and messy chips that can get all over the seats. Save yourself the cleanup later!

When you hire a professional moving company to take care of the packing and transportation of your household items, you have plenty of time to pack the car and gear up the family for a successful drive to your new home.  Happy travels!


September 20, 2016

New Neighbors

Growing up, it was like your neighbors were part of your family, everyone on the block knew everyone else, and asking for a cup of sugar was a no brainer. These days, one of the most common things overheard in society is how there is a lack in the community in neighborhoods and that some people don’t even know who lives in the house next door. If you’re preparing for a move, here are some surefire tips for getting neighborly with your neighbors.

  1. You’ve probably taken notice of who your new neighbors are by now. Either by driving by the house or from unpacking. It’s important for you to take note if they have children or pets, things that you may have in common with them.
  2. Don’t wait for a neighbor to show up to your door with a cherry pie. As soon as you move in, be sure to wave to the neighbors outside, or strike up a conversation while your neighbor is walking their dog.
  3. Plan ahead for your moving company. When the truck arrives, make sure you’ve done your part by allowing for space for the truck that won’t impede your neighbors maneuvering through the neighborhood. It wouldn’t hurt to knock on a neighbor’s door and let them know there may be some noise for a few hours as you move in.
  4. Moving is exhausting, physically and emotionally, after all of the movers have placed your items in their new spot it’s inevitable that you may need to move something again. Don’t go at it alone, check in with one of your new neighbors and ask them if they can be of help!
  5. Getting your children comfortable in their new neighborhood is important, ask neighbors with children where the good playgrounds are, what school their children go to etc.

With the help of College Grads Moving your move will be a breeze, and armed with these new neighbor tips, you will be starting off on the right foot with your new neighbors! We’re happy to help and we look forward to helping you with your next move.



August 17, 2016

Moving on a budget

Moving comes with its fair share of expenses: boxes, packing material, time off of work, movers, moving truck, and I could go on. It never is cheap but it can be done on a budget. As College Grads, we know what living on a budget looks like and we are more than qualified to give you these tips for how you can move on a budget.

  1. Call the liquor store. Not for booze, but for boxes! Liquor stores get shipments in weekly and if you look outside on recycling day, boxes are usually piled high. Give your local liquor store a call and they may be more than happy to give you their sturdy and even slotted (perfect for glass wear) boxes.
  2. Use a full-service moving company. WHAT? I know, you thought you were here to find tips on how to move it yourself, but consider this fact. Maybe you have friends here to help you move and load the truck, but who is waiting on the other end? With a full-service company, you get the help loading and unloading for one price. Save yourself on hiring someone you don’t know or trust to unload at the new place.
  3. Use the packing material you have. Do you have endless dish towels, hand towels, bath towels, and linens? Put them to use for less fragile things, and save the bubble wrap for precious items.
  4. Call and cancel utilities (phone, TV, internet, gas and electric) ahead of time or schedule cancellation for the day of your move. This way, you won’t be paying for the time you are not using their services.
  5. Use one truck, don’t bother driving back and forth even if you are moving just down the street. Take into account the gas, miles on the car and man hours. Using one truck (rented or hired) will allow you to get it all done quickly saving you money and time.

So, yes, you can move on a budget. Sometimes that means hiring a moving company to keep your costs down. Don’t waste time, money and energy doing it all yourself and paying top dollar for boxes, packing, rental trucks and movers. Our College Grads are the professional and budget friendly movers that take care of it all.

July 19, 2016

Don’t make these typical packing mistakes!

Moving isn’t easy, even if it seems as though you’ve got it all together, inevitably something comes up to halt the process. Packing can be one of those times, inadequate packing can lead to broken items, misplaced essentials, and complete disorganization. Use our top 4 tips below to help you pack like a pro!

  1. Keep essentials in an easy to find, labeled There is a very good chance that unpacking and getting settled in your new place won’t happen for a few days, maybe even a week. With this in mind, pack an overnight bag with a few changes of clothes, toiletries, medications, and any other items you may need immediately.
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute. Packing can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Take your time and pack ahead of time as much as you can. Label the boxes for which room they will go into at the new place.
  3. Overloading boxes and breaking valuables happen, but you can prevent it! For heavy items, try to divide the weight evenly throughout the box, consider putting a heavy item in with pillows or lightweight items to even out the weight. Wrap valuables and breakables in bubble wrap or recycled paper to prevent breakage.
  4. Label boxes. Use a color coding system or simple labels to help moving companies and helpers know where to put the boxes. If you need a little more information about what is in the boxes, try numbering the boxes and writing down the important contents in a notebook.

If packing is too stressful for you or you don’t have the time, College Grads will do it for you! Our experts know how to handle breakables, pack heavy and irregular shaped items and get it all to your new home safely. Give us a call and schedule your move with us today!

June 9, 2016

7 tips for moving with your pets

Moving is a stressful experience for humans, imagine what it does to your pets! As we all know, animals are creatures of habit and not fans of change. Moving with your furry friend can be shocking to them and it takes them time to get accustomed to your new home. Gradually they will get used to their new stomping grounds, but to make things easier, here are 7 tips for moving with pets.

  1. Put out some moving boxes ahead of time. Empty or packed, seeing boxes out and getting their scent on them will help them to realize that these boxes are familiar in the new home.
  2. If you will be putting them in a carrier or cage for transport, put this out ahead of time as well. Many animals are left to roam free in the home, the stress of being shoved into a carrier or cage out of the blue can stress them out. Let them get comfortable with the idea of being around the cage and even inside of it if they are so inclined.
  3. Do not let your animal out of the carrier or cage when moving. Letting them roam freely around the vehicle can lead to more problems such as vomiting, going to the bathroom in the car and possibly escaping.
  4. Put the animal somewhere safe during the move, either a bathroom or room that will not be getting traffic. This keeps them safe in the home and eliminates the chance that they may sneak out the door. Put a sign on the door to warn movers and family that the animals are inside.
  5. Animal proof your new home, remove any poisonous house plants that may have been left behind, remove all mouse traps, check that there are screens in all of the windows.
  6. In the new home, give them a place that is theirs until everything is situated. This will help them to relax while the movers are going in and out. A few of the boxes from tip one will help them to feel comfortable when they recognize their scent.
  7. Keep to your pet’s schedule as much as possible. Continue their feeding and bathroom schedule to keep from further stressing them out.

The movers at College Grads are experts in moving and help you to focus on your family and pets as we focus on the move. Our team will reduce the added stress by packing your boxes if needed and moving them quickly and efficiently to your new home. We are ready and waiting to help you and your pets move into your new home. Contact us today with your move date!

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