Best Tips for Moving in the Rain: Part 2

Moving in the Rain

Will it ever stop raining this spring? It seems every day we are having downpours. Although there is no way to completely avoid the rain if it is raining on the day you need to move. There is, however, certain things you can do to help you counteract all the negative effects that the rain may be having on your moving day. By following the helpful hacks laid out for you in these combined articles, you will be more than ready to tackle your move, even though it’s less than sunny out that day. Best of luck!

  • Dressing the Part Goes a Long Way

I’m not talking about an umbrella here, but if you have a waterproof raincoat, and some non-slip shoes or sneakers, it should go without saying that you should be wearing these. If your coat is bulky and/or blocks your eyesight (especially while you’re carrying boxes), then you’re better off without it. If your rainboots slip around, find a different pair of shoes to wear. If your rainhat gets blown off every 30 seconds, forget about that too.

*Friendly Tip: Be Sure to pack an easily accessible extra pair of socks, sweats, shirt, and whatever else you’ll want to curl up into after you’re finally done moving!

  • Prioritize Your Items

If the rain is going to lessen as the day goes on, start with the best-sealed and most waterproof items, such as plastic tubs. Once you’ve transported all you can safely, begin to double-wrap your more fragile items and electronics for transport if the rain will not let up at all.

  • Make Use of an Assembly Line

If you have an ample number of people helping (whether it be your family members, friends, or movers), create an assembly line to help move your items into the truck more quickly. You can do this by choosing some to stay near the door, some along the way, and some near the truck itself to help load it into the vehicle. This will not only speed things up, but also help to minimize the amount of dirt, mud, and puddles that are being traipsed inside that will need to be cleaned up later.

*Friendly Tip: If you do choose to set up an assembly line, try to rotate the best you can after it begins, let’s say using 10-minute increments, so that no one is stuck standing in the rain the entire time!

  • Be Sure To Dry Boxes As You Go

This means that if you’ve already packed away all of your towels, take the time to unpack a couple of your older or more raggedy ones to place into the moving truck. After loading each box, bin, or a piece of furniture into the truck, be sure to use these towels to wipe off the excess moisture.

This will not only help to prevent damages on your beautifully finished wooden furniture stains, any warping to transpire, but also to prevent the rain and moisture from seeping into the cardboard boxes as time goes on. Allowing them to sit in their own moisture will cause them to soften, and then break when you go to pick them up, making whatever was in them spill (and potentially break) everywhere once you’ve reached your new destination.

  • Remove Items from Boxes Upon Arrival

Going hand in hand with the previous tip, unpacking quickly once you reach your new house/apartment building is HIGHLY advisable to help prevent water damage or your cardboard boxes from breaking on you. If a box has been compromised (I.e. has gotten wet), the more quickly you should try to remove the items from within it.  

Once your boxes are empty, recycle the ones you won’t be using or need again, as holding onto wet cardboard can easily lead to mold or mildew. If a box was just a little damp, still be sure to leave it outside on your porch or patio to fully dry before you re-fill it with anything!

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