Best Tips for Moving in The Rain: Part 1

Let’s face it, it has been a rainy cold spring and this fact doesn’t help to make your moving day in the rain any more fun. You’re all packed up and ready for your move, what do you know- it starts to RAIN on your moving day.

You start to worry- will my boxes stay safe in the rain? Will anyone slip and fall while transporting some of the heavier things from my house? Will my electronics stay safe, and will my sheets, towels, and blankets be soaked all the way through when I finally am able to unpack everything?

Luckily, these following moving tips will help you prepare for your moving day this spring, Rain Showers or not. Keep these things on hand, and you’ll be more than ready for the big day! 

  • Keep a TON of Garbage Bags on Hand

Regardless of whether you use them as a second shield for some of your boxes that you’re afraid of getting wet, or you simply place smaller items and goods in the plastic bag without any extra boxes to save time and energy on packing, this is a GREAT water-proof method for just about everything.

  • Use Plastic Covers to Wrap Up Larger Items

Using plastic covers or shrink wrap to seal off as many things as you can (since as you’re aware, moving blankets are NOT waterproof), can help protect your larger pieces from water damage. Simply shrink wrap your furniture, wood shelves, and DON’T FORGET: YOUR MATTRESSES!! You won’t want to get to your new home, only to realize your mattress is soaked from the transport.

*Friendly Tip: Be sure to double check all your boxes are sealed extremely well with heavy-duty tape to keep any moisture from getting inside of them!!

  • Try to Shorten Distances

By moving all of your boxes into a singular room (such as right near the front door or even the garage- so long as it’s not torrential), this will cut back your and the movers’ need to go back in throughout the house completely wet, causing slippery puddles and spots along the way. 

  • Try to Set Up A Temporary Cover

Whether you use a pop-up tent in between your home and the truck or even just hanging a tarp over your path you’re walking, you could easily offset a lot of the rain.

  • Add Makeshift Mats to the Doorways

To prevent slipping, simply lay extra sheets of cardboard in your entryway and along the path from your door to the truck. You can even place old sheets and/or rugs on the floors where the movers will be walking to prevent getting water further into the house.

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