Best Monmouth County Moving Service

Moving can be a very exciting time. There is so much to look forward to. You might be moving to a new home, or for some, like college students, you might be going home. Whichever applies to you, there is usually some emotion which comes with the process, and work, lots and lots of work. You want the process to go as smoothly and positively as possible. You want the best Monmouth County moving service. A professional moving company can get you to your destination with ease and minimal stress to you. If you are moving, you need the professional assistance of the best Monmouth County moving service.

Best Monmouth County Moving Service

Getting Started | Best Monmouth County Moving Service

The first step is to sort through your belongings. They will probably fall into three main categories. First, will be the stuff you keep. Of this first category, there will probably be sub-categories, of things you might not need to unpack right away, or things intended for storage. Secondly, there will probably be a pile of stuff you no longer want, but which is still in good shape. This pile of stuff can be donated to your local charity shop. Most places will even come to you for pick-up if you have large items.

Your local library or supermarket can be great places to advertise large items for sale, or that you just want to give away. The third category is just plain junk. Everyone has that junk drawer, or for some, several junk drawers and half a dozen boxes, of stuff that they never knew what to do with. A lot of people keep items just in case they need them, which they never do. Take the term literally, and junk the stuff you will never need.

Lots of Boxes | Best Monmouth County Moving Service

Anyone who is moving is going to need boxes, lots and lots of boxes. Where is a good place to find them? The most obvious place is probably your local supermarket. Whenever you stop in, ask them for boxes. Supermarkets get deliveries pretty much every day, which means lots of boxes of one size or another. Another great place to get boxes is your local office supply store. Printer paper boxes usually have lids, which makes packing so much easier. They also sell larger items such as printers, office chairs and even desks, so they should have boxes in a variety of sizes.

When it comes to the largest boxes, try your local hardware store. Appliances come in very big boxes, and the clerks at smaller stores will probably be more than happy to give them away. Also, don’t forget bookstores, where they have strong, sturdy boxes. They have to be strong because a shipment of books is no light thing. If they can handle the latest bestsellers, they can probably handle kitchenware.

Organizing the Boxes | Best Monmouth County Moving Service

While you are out and about gathering boxes, don’t forget other essentials. You will also need packing tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Labeling boxes now makes unpacking a breeze. Also, save some money on bubble wrap by packing breakables in blankets, towels, or even clothing. Just don’t forget to mark boxes as fragile.

A reminder on the box to carefully unwrap repurposed blankets might be wise if others are helping you to unpack. It is also a good idea to prioritize boxes. Make sure that the ones you want off the moving truck first, are the last ones on. Once you are all packed up, the adventure can begin. Whether you are going across town, or further, you will not get far without a professional moving company. Contact the best Monmouth County moving service today, and be on your way.

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