5 Tips for Packing & Moving During the Fall Season

So, the summer weather is coming to an end, being replaced by changing leaves and cooler temperatures- not to mention your move this Autumn is rapidly approaching. Instead of getting frazzled and winding up throwing various items into unorganized boxes to get your packing done and over with, it’s best to take a step back and get yourself prepared ahead of time to make unpacking an easier experience. Here are a few great tips to get yourself ready to tackle your move and keep yourself organized both before and after you move.

  1. Pack Away Your Summer Things. Since the season is ending, there will be little need for outdoor pool gear, bathing suits, beach toys, and your summer clothing. Before you pack up these things, take the time to go through them to throw out worn out items and clothing that you most likely won’t end up using again. This way, you’ll be able to store away these labelled boxes easily, knowing exactly where they are once summer comes around next year in your new house or apartment.
  2. Consider Utilizing Storage. If you want to streamline your move as much as possible, or simply don’t have the extra space in your new apartment, consider using storage as an option for some of your things. Your carefully labelled and packed away spring and summer items are perfect examples of what you could keep in storage until the weather starts to get warm once again.
  3.  Box Up All Your Winter Gear. Once again, take the opportunity to sort through your winter clothing, décor, outdoor equipment, and throw out whatever you won’t want this upcoming season. Carefully label these boxes so that you can store them in an easily assessible location once you move in so that you’ll be able to find your winter jacket once the temperature drops- you don’t want to be stuck wishing you had planned for this, spending a weekend simply trying to find your coat and scarf!
  4. Be Sure to Set-up Utilities Ahead of Time. As it becomes nippier with each passing day, it could be quite a nuisance to have to move into your new place and realize that you don’t have heat yet. Get your utilities squared away ahead of time so you don’t run into this problem!
  5. Prepare Your New Place for the Move. This means laying down plastic sheeting, keeping a broom handy, and even an umbrella. Although the changing and falling leaves may be a pretty sight- it's not quite as pretty once it’s been tracked in throughout your new home. No matter how much you may try, it will be nearly impossible to keep all the leaves at bay (not to mention dirt and mud) with so many trips in and out of your place.
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