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July 12, 2018

Affordable Monmouth County Movers

Moving is a huge hassle for many people to deal with. No one likes to deal with completely uprooting themselves and bringing all of their belongings somewhere else. Luckily there are a lot of companies out there that want to help and many tips to enable you to have a better time. As you look into hiring affordable Monmouth County movers, here are some helpful tips to make your moving experience more pleasant.

Professional Affordable Monmouth County Movers

Affordable Monmouth County Movers – Move Easier

1. Labels are your friends. Never pack up a room without labeling the boxes that have it’s belongings. Don’t even pack a box without marking what’s inside. The more specific you can be the better, this will only help you out more. You’ll save yourself a ton of time in regards to moving a ton of boxes all over the place or digging through them looking for something. The better labeled your boxes are, the easier the unpacking job will be when you get to the new place.

2. Take the time to get rid of unwanted/unused stuff. No one realizes just how much stuff they accumulate during their time in a house. Even if you only live there for a short time, you may have more than you expect. Unfortunately as we gather more and more things, older items usually end up on the shelf or stored in the attic. If you’re expecting to move, it’s the perfect time to sell, donate, or trash a ton of stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. You could get some cash back, help others in need, and save some time and energy by not having to pack and unpack it all. This may also save you money when you’re looking for affordable Monmouth County movers because they’ll have less to move.

3. Don’t overdo it with the groceries. Many people make the mistake of buying the same amount of groceries right before they move out of their house. You should only buy the bare minimum groceries that you need as the moving date approaches. This will help you to avoid throwing out a lot of groceries and thus wasting money. Try to clean out your fridge as well because, if you’re moving far, a lot of that will not last the move.

Are You in Need of Affordable Monmouth County Movers?

Moving is stressful. Even if you do everything right, you’re still uprooting and moving everything you have to somewhere new. If you want to alleviate some of this stress you should look for affordable Monmouth County movers. For the best in moving services, contact College Grads Moving today! They provide trustworthy, reliable moving services at a price you can afford. For information on their services, contact them today by calling (732)595-9416 or visit the website!

College Grads Moving & Storage

July 11, 2018

Monmouth County Moving Service

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. It’s always nerve-wracking to pack up all of your belongings and move them somewhere else. What if something breaks? What if I forget something? What if something goes missing? These are all questions that many people ask themselves as they prepare to make a move. Luckily there are a lot of things that you can do to make the whole experience a bit more smooth for yourself. Keep the following things in mind when you’re preparing to get Monmouth County moving service.

Monmouth County Moving Service – Tips for Moving

1. Leave the essentials for the end. When you’re packing, it’s important to leave the essential items for last. Many people try to go room by room and keep everything organized that way. The problem with that is that some things are more necessary than others. When you pack up your kitchen, for example, you will need some of the dishes and silverware but certainly not all of it. Pack some and leave only what you need to get by until you finalize the move.

2. Clearly label everything. Labeling everything will take more time, but you’ll thank yourself for it later. There are a few ways that you can keep everything labeled when you move. The first thing you can do is create a number code for each room. For example, the kitchen might be #1, the living room is #2, etc. This will help you to put all of the boxes where they need to be and reduce the hassle of opening a box and then moving it to the correct location. Next, you should try to keep a general summary of the contents of the boxes. This is useful for when you randomly need to find something and don’t want to have to dig through every box in your home to find it.

3. Handle all of your food appropriately. One of the most annoying parts about moving is going through the refrigerator and freezer. As you prepare for a Monmouth County moving service to come and help out, do yourself a favor with your food: DON’T BUY TOO MUCH. Stop buying groceries two weeks before your move. That will give you ample time to work through what you have without having to throw too much out or risking things going bad. It just makes everything much easier for everyone involved.

Professional Monmouth County Moving Service

Do You Need Professional Monmouth County Moving Service?

If you need a professional Monmouth County moving service to come help you with your move, contact College Grads Moving today! With College Grads, you can be sure you’re getting trustworthy, reliable services at a fair price. With all of the stress that comes with moving, you shouldn’t have to worry about your items being stolen. Choose a moving company you can trust, College Grads Moving. For more information, contact them today by calling (732)595-9416 or visit the website!

College Grads Moving & Storage

July 6, 2018

Monmouth County Moving Company

Attending college is a very rewarding experience. You come away with more than just a higher education. Hopefully you come away with lifelong friends, and at the very least, years of happy memories. You also come away with a lot of stuff. You have lived away from home for a while now, and college life requires a lot of possessions on campus. It is time to pack up and leave your home away from home. But how do you transport all that stuff? You need the services of a Monmouth County moving company. College life is very stressful, and studying for finals, and getting ready for graduation, while packing during every spare minute, makes it more so. You need specialized help. Make an educated choice in moving companies, and choose a Monmouth County college student moving company to get you packed up and headed out.

Monmouth County Moving Company

We Pack For You so you won’t have to | Monmouth County Moving Company

It’s the end of your final school year, and you’re crunched for time. We totally understand that. Allow us to help. We can safely pack your belongings, so that you have more time for the things at the top of your list, like finals, and final good-byes. We know that packing always takes longer than expected, and that you always have more stuff than you realized. We get that you haven’t had time to do laundry more than once a week, so you needed several changes of clothes. Hopefully, you have been using them.

You needed clothing for many various occasions, casual for every day wear, business attire for that internship you have worked hard for, and even dressier items for the odd time you manage to escape campus for the evening, or perhaps a college dance. Whatever the occasion, you have lots of stuff, quite possibly, all over your room. Moving is our business, and packing is our specialty. Enjoy your last few hours of college life, and leave the hard work to us.

We Get You There Quickly | Monmouth County Moving Company

We do not move multiple customers with one move. Whichever crew comes to get you packed up, will be the crew to deliver you to your final destination. We would never risk mixing your belongings with those of another client, or dropping them at the wrong place. We give undivided attention to each and every customer we assist. Happy customers are our best testimonial, and we feel we have done a good job when customers are referred to us. People say half the fun is in the journey, but it’s no fun if you arrive and your stuff doesn’t. We make sure we deliver, and do it on time. Peace of mind is no small thing, and we want to reward your hard work with one less thing to worry about.

We understand how busy your life is at school. You are always on the move at college. Every day you move from class to class. Every school year you move to a new dorm, and the whole time you are moving toward one goal: graduation. Graduation is the climax of your college career, and the close of it. Graduation is a very moving time, and now it is time to get moving. You now need to make an educated move; you need to hire a Monmouth County moving company to help you. We can get you packed up, loaded up and on your way to the next adventure. We know you’ve worked hard, now let us work hard and give you a peaceful moving experience worthy of an A plus.

College Grads Moving & Storage

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