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May 24, 2018

Best Monmouth County Moving Company

Looking for the best Monmouth County Moving Company? There are many moving companies out there. It is best to do some research in finding one that meets your needs and requirements. College Grads Moving are the Monmouth County Movers that takes pride on being the college moving company you can afford.

Best Monmouth County Moving Company

Best Monmouth County Moving Company | Here are a few tips on how to pack for a move:

  1. Start with a plan making sure nothing is forgotten or left behind.
  2. If an item is not going to be used in your new living situation, it may be time to get rid of it.
  3. Use a few strips of packing tape on the bottom of each box for extra support, especially with books, which tend to be heavier.
  4. While you pack boxes for individual rooms it is a good idea to label each box knowing what is inside and where it will be going.
  5. The better the packing materials you use the better protected your items will be.
  6. Take inventory of all the content in each box, number them and have a list prepared listing all of your items. There will be no question once you arrive at your destination and searching for certain items.
  7. Set out to pack a room every few days making sure all will be done with enough time. Taking it a little at a time makes it easier to manage.
  8. If you are moving in the winter, make sure you box up summer clothes and visa versa. You will be better prepared with the items you need for the current season.
  9. Each box should contain items from one room so it is easier to unpack and there is no confusion.
  10. Do not forget to pack closets, cabinets, basements, attics and storage areas.
  11. You should pack an essential box. These items are things you need right away and are at hand. For example, light bulbs, screwdrivers, scissors, paper towels, toilet paper, pen and paper.
  12. Do not over pack boxes making them impossible to move. They should all be similar in weight making it easier for the movers and for you when unpacking.
  13. If boxes are not fully packed, fill them all the same so that there are fewer chances for items to be floating around and banging each other with a possibility of breakage.
  14. If possible keep all clothing and linens in drawers, which would be easier to just pick up and place back in cabinets untouched.
  15. Before unhooking things like the bed take some pictures so that you are aware of how to put it back together again and you do not have to reach and search for the manual that has been lost or misplaced. Also, take picture of the electronics, taking them apart and knowing where wires get hooked. That way there is no confusion when putting them back together again.
  16. Transfer your clothes right on the hangers. It is easier for you when reaching your destination to just grab the hangers and hang them in your new closet.
  17. Try to use up all perishable items. The less you have to transfer the better. There would be less a chance of items getting ruined.
  18. Finish packing before moving day. Before all the equipment arrives do a final check to make sure everything is packed. Do not waste time on moving day packing, you will have enough to do and your energy could be saved for unpacking.

Best Monmouth County Moving Company | Organization is Key:

The biggest and most important key to moving is to be organized. This will help you and your movers to move a lot faster and get to your new destination. Need the best Monmouth County Moving Company? Give College Moving Grads a call today at (732) 595-9416 for all your moving needs.

College Grads Moving and Storage


May 22, 2018

Best Monmouth County Moving Service

Moving is never easy. You have a lot to remember without the added pressure of relocating your life. Getting the process to flow smoothly requires careful planning. You can alleviate most of the headache by contacting a Monmouth County moving service. You can boost your confidence further by reaching out to the best Monmouth County moving service. What are you looking for in a moving service? Distinguished moving companies are those with stellar reputations. Satisfied customers speak highly of their services. Knowing that the community trusts a mover with their valuables puts you at ease with this important decision. Having one less concern makes moving a little easier.

Best Monmouth County Moving Service

Best Monmouth County Moving Service | Adding convenience to your transition

Packing is one of the major activities involved with moving. You want to quickly find everything you need immediately upon arrival. Properly labeled boxes make this process easy. You may have to move them around a few times at the new home. Getting unpacked is a chore in itself. You want the kitchen boxes in the kitchen of course. You do not want to arrive at the new home only to discover something is missing. Panic is an unwanted emotion. You have enough distractions without misplacing your belongings.

Would you like to know that all of your belongings are in one place at all times? Moving companies have choices to make in daily operations. Breaking up shipments into different containers is one way to move goods. Using large tractor trailers with goods from multiple clients is a common practice. Shipping containers can be passed from one truck to another. Your containers are scheduled to arrive by a set date. Customers prefer the intimate attention of treating their goods in a single shipment.

Best Monmouth County Moving Service | Can you travel with your possessions?

The cost of moving need not involve additional travel for the person moving. Having the added convenience of getting a lift to your new home isn’t a bad idea. The second question you can ask is about traveling in the moving van. Taking passengers is not an option for moves scheduled to arrive in a week. Moving companies don’t always expect this type of inquiry. You should be prepared for their reaction.

Can you travel with your possessions? The best moving companies find no problem accommodating such requests. Why not allow the customer to ride along? Moving companies demonstrate total transparency by letting you ride along. Professional movers are more than happy to show customers how careful they treat personal property.

Best Monmouth County Moving Service | The best reputation in the moving business

Obtaining the best reputation in the moving business requires cultivating an intimate relationship with our customers. Treating people like family sets apart the best from the rest. You find comfort in warm, friendly atmospheres. Sharing the experience of a first class move takes place immediately. People never forget being treated with respect. Courteous service goes a long way in the community. Satisfied customers are impossible to keep quiet.

Are you ready to meet the best Monmouth County moving service for an upcoming move? Give College Grads Moving a call today at (732) 595-9416 to schedule an appointment. You can give us a call just to learn more about our service. Offering the best moving experience in the business is our distinct privilege. We look forward to the opportunity to help you make a difficult transition a little bit easier. You can trust our professional team to provide complete satisfaction. Moving people and their property is what we do. You can find out for yourself today why we are the best. You deserve the personal, friendly service we provide for your next move.

College Grads Moving & Storage

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