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September 20, 2016

New Neighbors

Growing up, it was like your neighbors were part of your family, everyone on the block knew everyone else, and asking for a cup of sugar was a no brainer. These days, one of the most common things overheard in society is how there is a lack in the community in neighborhoods and that some people don’t even know who lives in the house next door. If you’re preparing for a move, here are some surefire tips for getting neighborly with your neighbors.

  1. You’ve probably taken notice of who your new neighbors are by now. Either by driving by the house or from unpacking. It’s important for you to take note if they have children or pets, things that you may have in common with them.
  2. Don’t wait for a neighbor to show up to your door with a cherry pie. As soon as you move in, be sure to wave to the neighbors outside, or strike up a conversation while your neighbor is walking their dog.
  3. Plan ahead for your moving company. When the truck arrives, make sure you’ve done your part by allowing for space for the truck that won’t impede your neighbors maneuvering through the neighborhood. It wouldn’t hurt to knock on a neighbor’s door and let them know there may be some noise for a few hours as you move in.
  4. Moving is exhausting, physically and emotionally, after all of the movers have placed your items in their new spot it’s inevitable that you may need to move something again. Don’t go at it alone, check in with one of your new neighbors and ask them if they can be of help!
  5. Getting your children comfortable in their new neighborhood is important, ask neighbors with children where the good playgrounds are, what school their children go to etc.

With the help of College Grads Moving your move will be a breeze, and armed with these new neighbor tips, you will be starting off on the right foot with your new neighbors! We’re happy to help and we look forward to helping you with your next move.



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