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August 17, 2016

Moving on a budget

Moving comes with its fair share of expenses: boxes, packing material, time off of work, movers, moving truck, and I could go on. It never is cheap but it can be done on a budget. As College Grads, we know what living on a budget looks like and we are more than qualified to give you these tips for how you can move on a budget.

  1. Call the liquor store. Not for booze, but for boxes! Liquor stores get shipments in weekly and if you look outside on recycling day, boxes are usually piled high. Give your local liquor store a call and they may be more than happy to give you their sturdy and even slotted (perfect for glass wear) boxes.
  2. Use a full-service moving company. WHAT? I know, you thought you were here to find tips on how to move it yourself, but consider this fact. Maybe you have friends here to help you move and load the truck, but who is waiting on the other end? With a full-service company, you get the help loading and unloading for one price. Save yourself on hiring someone you don’t know or trust to unload at the new place.
  3. Use the packing material you have. Do you have endless dish towels, hand towels, bath towels, and linens? Put them to use for less fragile things, and save the bubble wrap for precious items.
  4. Call and cancel utilities (phone, TV, internet, gas and electric) ahead of time or schedule cancellation for the day of your move. This way, you won’t be paying for the time you are not using their services.
  5. Use one truck, don’t bother driving back and forth even if you are moving just down the street. Take into account the gas, miles on the car and man hours. Using one truck (rented or hired) will allow you to get it all done quickly saving you money and time.

So, yes, you can move on a budget. Sometimes that means hiring a moving company to keep your costs down. Don’t waste time, money and energy doing it all yourself and paying top dollar for boxes, packing, rental trucks and movers. Our College Grads are the professional and budget friendly movers that take care of it all.

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