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June 9, 2016

7 tips for moving with your pets

Moving is a stressful experience for humans, imagine what it does to your pets! As we all know, animals are creatures of habit and not fans of change. Moving with your furry friend can be shocking to them and it takes them time to get accustomed to your new home. Gradually they will get used to their new stomping grounds, but to make things easier, here are 7 tips for moving with pets.

  1. Put out some moving boxes ahead of time. Empty or packed, seeing boxes out and getting their scent on them will help them to realize that these boxes are familiar in the new home.
  2. If you will be putting them in a carrier or cage for transport, put this out ahead of time as well. Many animals are left to roam free in the home, the stress of being shoved into a carrier or cage out of the blue can stress them out. Let them get comfortable with the idea of being around the cage and even inside of it if they are so inclined.
  3. Do not let your animal out of the carrier or cage when moving. Letting them roam freely around the vehicle can lead to more problems such as vomiting, going to the bathroom in the car and possibly escaping.
  4. Put the animal somewhere safe during the move, either a bathroom or room that will not be getting traffic. This keeps them safe in the home and eliminates the chance that they may sneak out the door. Put a sign on the door to warn movers and family that the animals are inside.
  5. Animal proof your new home, remove any poisonous house plants that may have been left behind, remove all mouse traps, check that there are screens in all of the windows.
  6. In the new home, give them a place that is theirs until everything is situated. This will help them to relax while the movers are going in and out. A few of the boxes from tip one will help them to feel comfortable when they recognize their scent.
  7. Keep to your pet’s schedule as much as possible. Continue their feeding and bathroom schedule to keep from further stressing them out.

The movers at College Grads are experts in moving and help you to focus on your family and pets as we focus on the move. Our team will reduce the added stress by packing your boxes if needed and moving them quickly and efficiently to your new home. We are ready and waiting to help you and your pets move into your new home. Contact us today with your move date!

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