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February 15, 2016

Protect your investment during your relocation

It’s no joke, there are so many things to think about during a move that there are innumerable blogs, tips and how to guides out there to assist. Between scheduling the move, packing, coordinating the time away and the deadlines, things get forgotten. We are taking this opportunity to highlight one of the chief things that commonly is forgotten by the clients we service: protecting your investment during the movement.

When the moving truck pulls up and the movers jump out of the truck, is your family ready for the traffic? Particularly in the winter months, protecting the inside of your house from the extraneous elements of slush, mud and water is essential. Here are our hints to protect your fresh home from the moving experience.

  • Put in some plastic runner to cover carpeting and flooring
  • Set up a route for movers in the household. You may not want the movers going in and out of each and every room. Establish spots for unloading certain items. Using the runner to direct people to the rooms which you’d like utilized is helpful
  • Get a door stop. This comes in handy both for moving out of your old home and into the new home. Using a door stop will help prop the door open so that it doesn’t get broken from opening and closing or become damaged
  • Have some cash on hand. If you’re planning on tipping your moving company or springing for pizza to thank the friends and family that have helped you, keeping cash on hand helps to avoid trips to the ATM or bank. Chances are, you may not know the location of the nearest bank to your new home and you don’t want to leave people in your new home while you go out to find it
  • Turn down the heat/AC. Depending on the time of year you’re moving, adjust the thermostat. There is no need to heat or air condition while the door is constantly being opened and closed

These smart tips will assist you to protect your new investment during your relocation. We hope that if you hadn’t planned for these things, that you will now. Our movers at College Grads Moving are dedicated to making your relocation as smooth as possible. If you haven’t already scheduled a mover for your big move, request your free estimate today!

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