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January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

First of all, we at College Grads Moving would like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. As 2016 begins, we like to check in with our prospective customers and help if we can, with accomplishing some of those new year’s resolutions such as moving to a new place.

This is the perfect time to begin thinking about what this year has in store for you. Maybe you need just a little extra motivation towards planning for your inevitable move, or your dragging your feet for whatever reason. Let’s put those plans into action!

Whether you’re sick of your current living situation, starting a new job, upsizing to accommodate a growing family or downsizing, now is the time to start planning. No matter what the reason is for moving, it’s better to start ahead of time, and what other time to start than the beginning of the new year.

Studies have shown that selling your home in the winter is not as unobtainable as many believe. Since it is technically “off season” for moving companies, it can be easier to schedule your move, lighter on your wallet and easier on your mind as well. This time is also good for people with children, as usually schools take a “winter break”. This makes transitions to new homes, new school systems and taking time off easier for all.

If winter just doesn’t seem right for you, at least start your planning now. We at College Grads Moving are here to help you through the process. From packing your belongings to making sure they end up in the right spot, we’re the local NJ moving company for you. Request your free estimate today!

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