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September 22, 2015

Tips to avoid Injury while moving

There are already a lot of things to think about when you’re moving. Your mind is constantly going from one worry to the next. Will everything fit in the new space? Will I be packed in time? How will I fit this piano in my new home? The last thing anyone wants is to get injured, suffering an injury could hold up your move and possibly prevent you from getting out of your place and into a new one on time.

We understand that for many people it’s a money saving task. People feel that if they pack, lift and move themselves, they will not have to pay a mover. Understandable, even so, one needs to be mindful that even an in-shape person can get hurt doing new tasks like packing and lifting boxes. These are movements and activity that most of our bodies are not used to. Follow our tips to prevent injury while moving.

  1. Remember, lift with your legs. We’ve all heard this before, but it is something we quickly forget. For the most part our lower body has more power and musculature than our upper body or our back. When lifting something off the ground that is particularly heavy, rely on your legs to push you up and save your back the work.
  2. Hold the Object Close to Your Body. Our sedentary lives tend to put our joints in a deconditioned state. When we start to utilize our bodies for projects other than the norm, joints can become hurt. Keeping objects close to the body will put less stress on the joints.
  3. Pay attention to body position. Keep elbows flexed, head up and neck straight while lifting. The most minor changes in position of these body parts, combined with a heavy lifting load can cause a muscle sprain or strain.
  4. Get expert help when you need it. Don’t be a hero, once you get to your new place there is plenty of work ahead. If you are injured, unpacking and getting settled can be most difficult. If you need help lifting or something is too heavy for you, call in an expert.

Choose the educated way to move. College Grads Moving & Storage can safely pack and move all of your belongings and save you the possibility of injury. If you are a New Jersey resident planning a move or are in need of assistance moving call us today!

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