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May 24, 2018

Best Monmouth County Moving Company

Looking for the best Monmouth County Moving Company? There are many moving companies out there. It is best to do some research in finding one that meets your needs and requirements. College Grads Moving are the Monmouth County Movers that takes pride on being the college moving company you can afford.

Best Monmouth County Moving Company

Best Monmouth County Moving Company | Here are a few tips on how to pack for a move:

  1. Start with a plan making sure nothing is forgotten or left behind.
  2. If an item is not going to be used in your new living situation, it may be time to get rid of it.
  3. Use a few strips of packing tape on the bottom of each box for extra support, especially with books, which tend to be heavier.
  4. While you pack boxes for individual rooms it is a good idea to label each box knowing what is inside and where it will be going.
  5. The better the packing materials you use the better protected your items will be.
  6. Take inventory of all the content in each box, number them and have a list prepared listing all of your items. There will be no question once you arrive at your destination and searching for certain items.
  7. Set out to pack a room every few days making sure all will be done with enough time. Taking it a little at a time makes it easier to manage.
  8. If you are moving in the winter, make sure you box up summer clothes and visa versa. You will be better prepared with the items you need for the current season.
  9. Each box should contain items from one room so it is easier to unpack and there is no confusion.
  10. Do not forget to pack closets, cabinets, basements, attics and storage areas.
  11. You should pack an essential box. These items are things you need right away and are at hand. For example, light bulbs, screwdrivers, scissors, paper towels, toilet paper, pen and paper.
  12. Do not over pack boxes making them impossible to move. They should all be similar in weight making it easier for the movers and for you when unpacking.
  13. If boxes are not fully packed, fill them all the same so that there are fewer chances for items to be floating around and banging each other with a possibility of breakage.
  14. If possible keep all clothing and linens in drawers, which would be easier to just pick up and place back in cabinets untouched.
  15. Before unhooking things like the bed take some pictures so that you are aware of how to put it back together again and you do not have to reach and search for the manual that has been lost or misplaced. Also, take picture of the electronics, taking them apart and knowing where wires get hooked. That way there is no confusion when putting them back together again.
  16. Transfer your clothes right on the hangers. It is easier for you when reaching your destination to just grab the hangers and hang them in your new closet.
  17. Try to use up all perishable items. The less you have to transfer the better. There would be less a chance of items getting ruined.
  18. Finish packing before moving day. Before all the equipment arrives do a final check to make sure everything is packed. Do not waste time on moving day packing, you will have enough to do and your energy could be saved for unpacking.

Best Monmouth County Moving Company | Organization is Key:

The biggest and most important key to moving is to be organized. This will help you and your movers to move a lot faster and get to your new destination. Need the best Monmouth County Moving Company? Give College Moving Grads a call today at (732) 595-9416 for all your moving needs.

College Grads Moving and Storage


May 21, 2018

Best Monmouth County Moving Service

Moving is never easy. You have a lot to remember without the added pressure of relocating your life. Getting the process to flow smoothly requires careful planning. You can alleviate most of the headache by contacting a Monmouth County moving service. You can boost your confidence further by reaching out to the best Monmouth County moving service. What are you looking for in a moving service? Distinguished moving companies are those with stellar reputations. Satisfied customers speak highly of their services. Knowing that the community trusts a mover with their valuables puts you at ease with this important decision. Having one less concern makes moving a little easier.

Best Monmouth County Moving Service

Best Monmouth County Moving Service | Adding convenience to your transition

Packing is one of the major activities involved with moving. You want to quickly find everything you need immediately upon arrival. Properly labeled boxes make this process easy. You may have to move them around a few times at the new home. Getting unpacked is a chore in itself. You want the kitchen boxes in the kitchen of course. You do not want to arrive at the new home only to discover something is missing. Panic is an unwanted emotion. You have enough distractions without misplacing your belongings.

Would you like to know that all of your belongings are in one place at all times? Moving companies have choices to make in daily operations. Breaking up shipments into different containers is one way to move goods. Using large tractor trailers with goods from multiple clients is a common practice. Shipping containers can be passed from one truck to another. Your containers are scheduled to arrive by a set date. Customers prefer the intimate attention of treating their goods in a single shipment.

Best Monmouth County Moving Service | Can you travel with your possessions?

The cost of moving need not involve additional travel for the person moving. Having the added convenience of getting a lift to your new home isn’t a bad idea. The second question you can ask is about traveling in the moving van. Taking passengers is not an option for moves scheduled to arrive in a week. Moving companies don’t always expect this type of inquiry. You should be prepared for their reaction.

Can you travel with your possessions? The best moving companies find no problem accommodating such requests. Why not allow the customer to ride along? Moving companies demonstrate total transparency by letting you ride along. Professional movers are more than happy to show customers how careful they treat personal property.

Best Monmouth County Moving Service | The best reputation in the moving business

Obtaining the best reputation in the moving business requires cultivating an intimate relationship with our customers. Treating people like family sets apart the best from the rest. You find comfort in warm, friendly atmospheres. Sharing the experience of a first class move takes place immediately. People never forget being treated with respect. Courteous service goes a long way in the community. Satisfied customers are impossible to keep quiet.

Are you ready to meet the best Monmouth County moving service for an upcoming move? Give College Grads Moving a call today at (732) 595-9416 to schedule an appointment. You can give us a call just to learn more about our service. Offering the best moving experience in the business is our distinct privilege. We look forward to the opportunity to help you make a difficult transition a little bit easier. You can trust our professional team to provide complete satisfaction. Moving people and their property is what we do. You can find out for yourself today why we are the best. You deserve the personal, friendly service we provide for your next move.

College Grads Moving & Storage

April 20, 2018

Preparing for Your First Move

When it comes to moving, College Grads Moving can provide the quality Princeton moving service you need. Are you finally moving out into the world on your own? It’s a scary step but an exciting one. We move your stuff, all you have to do is prepare it for us. However, the process is much easier said than done. You have so much junk, where do you start? Luckily, we have plenty more recommendations on how you can make your first move the simplest one. Here are a few hacks to making your move more efficient and bearable.

Princeton Moving Service

Pack Boxes Lightly | Princeton Moving Service

When moving, it may seem easier to cram the boxes as much as possible until they are just below the breaking point. However, stuffing your boxes to the brim will actually make the move a lot harder. It will hurt the backs of your movers and everyone will have to go a lot slower not to drop your stuff. You also keep your belongings a lot safer if you spread them among several boxes. Sure you want to fill your boxes, but you need to balance them with one or two heavy items, and a lot of lighter ones on top and on the sides of the box. When you shove everything together, it’s important to think of how difficult you are making life for yourself later. It may take a little work now, but it will save you a lot more energy later.

Spring Clean a Bit

If this is your first big move, you may have held on to a lot of stuff that just simply needs to go. Maybe you look through your stuff and you find things you haven’t returned, things you never use, or junk that’s really overdue trash. Moving’s a great time for getting rid of all the stuff you never have time to look through. Don’t just throw it all in a box without looking at it. When you pack, take the time to look at your stuff and prioritize what you really need. Host a garage sale, put together donation bags, or just make a pile for the dump. Either way you know some stuff has to go. You’re allowed to be sentimental, but maybe bring an unbiased party to help you separate the memories from the trash.

Search for Used Furniture | Princeton Moving Service

If you’re getting your first place by yourself or with a roommate, chances are most of your expenses are going into purchasing that first apartment or house and the budget for furnishings is small. While you may think it’d be nice to get the new couch and television to match your new place, it’s much better to save where you can in the beginning. While you’re young and don’t have anyone to impress, get the old furniture that does the same job with a little more wear. Listen out for neighbors or relatives that are looking to dump old couches and tables. Or you could visit the thrift stores and see what nice pieces of furniture they’re trying to sell. This process may take a little more time, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Keep Track of It All

The biggest key to any move is organization. Before you do anything, plan all the lists of what you need, where you’re packing it, and where it’s going. You may do a lot of organizing as you go, but the more you have planned out ahead of time the better. This will help you and your movers to move a lot faster to get you into your new home.

Need a great Princeton moving service? Contact College Grads Moving today!

April 13, 2018

Middletown Moving Service

Congratulations! You are now a college graduate. You have worked hard to get here. Now let us work hard to get you wherever you are headed next. A Middletown moving service is the easiest and best way to get you to where you are going from here. Let our hard work, dedication, and experience help you to get you want to be. Completing your degree was a stressful business, we know, but the next move does not have to be. We are here to help you transition to the next stage easily and with minimal stress. Let College grads moving, a Monmouth County moving service show you how.

Middletown Moving Service

Middletown Moving Service | Why you can trust us.

Think moving can be overwhelming? Trust us, we’ve been there! We got started because a couple of graduates, just like you, needed to move, just like you. Our goal is to make your move a smoother and more pleasant experience than theirs was. The quote says, “Experience is the best teacher.” Well, we learned from experience that not all moving companies are created equal, and not all moving experiences are positive. So college grads moving was born to prevent this from happening to you. We want to make your move as smooth as possible, and we are committed to making that happen. Let our wisdom make your move the quality move you deserve.

Making Lists | Middletown Moving Service

Tape a list onto each box with a detailed inventory of its contents. This will help you stay organized while you pack, and when you unpack at your final destination. Packing boxes of clothes by season will help keep you organized, too. You will not be in a hurry to unpack those with clothes that you will not need right away. Perhaps you may even want to store some boxes in an attic or even a rented storage facility. Labeling boxes now will ensure unnecessary unpacking and repacking later on. Print out each list and tape it securely to the box so they don’t get lost.

Color Coding | Middletown Moving Service

Color coding can really help keep track of items for specific rooms. Designate a color to each area, and print labels accordingly, or using a permanent marker, label each box. Just a colored circle on the top of each box will help identify where it should go for unpacking. This system really speeds up the unpacking process, because all the organizing and planning have already been done. This can also help to keep like items together. You want to make both ends of the moving process to be as stress-free as possible.

Keeping it Together

Students are all about the electronics. If you have saved boxes that computers and components came in, good for you. If not, however, make sure to label and tie all cords and adapters neatly and keep them packed with the device they were intended for. Zip ties can be a handy way to keep all those cords and adapters organized. Another easy way is to place them into plastic storage bags, available at any grocery store. Use a permanent marker to label all items. Use your cell phone to take photos of wires and cords on components like TVs, DVD players, and stereo units before unplugging and packing. This will make putting everything back together a snap. You could use color coding here, too. Label component boxes and bags with adapters in the same color, just in case you misplace anything. Keeping it all together, and making your move a positive experience, is what a Middletown moving service is here for.

College Grads Moving & Storage

April 13, 2018

Red Bank Moving Service

When you’ve been in a place a while, it’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate. So whether you’re moving to a brand new place or finishing school and going home, let a Red Bank moving service help you move your belongings with ease and with care. Packing and moving can be a daunting task. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, trust us to get you where you’re going next. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Red Bank movers can be there for you. Here at college grads moving, getting you from A to B is our business. So let’s get moving.

Red Bank Moving Service

Red Bank Moving Service | Being prepared

Not everything you own is going to move-worthy. The best way to start is by identifying everything into three main categories. The first is obviously the stuff you are keeping, and are taking with you. The second category is things you no longer need, but that are still in good condition. These things can be donated to a local charity. Most local charity shops will actually come to you and take your donations away. This makes one less trip for you, and you can feel good that someone else is benefitting from things you no longer want or need. The third category is those items you’ve been hanging onto, just in case, and are broken, have parts missing, or are obsolete, and you can never understand why you still have, anyway. Those you can just throw away! Most garbage companies will rent dumpsters to you, if you have a lot of stuff to throw out, or a “bag” dumpster, which is convenient if you have a smaller space or a smaller amount of things to dispose of.

Red Bank Moving Service |Gathering Supplies

Gathering everything together before you start is always a good idea. You don’t want to break your packing flow because you had to run to the local hardware store for more tape. First, and most obviously, you need lots and lots of boxes. Any grocery store or local chain store should be able to give you flattened boxes for free. You will need lots of rolls of packing tape. A dispenser with a sharp cutting edge will make securing boxes a lot easier. You won’t need a pair of scissors to cut pieces of tape, and a dispenser usually lessens the chance of losing the end of the tape; very frustrating if you’ve ever been there. You will also need bubble wrap for anything breakable. Plastic storage bags of various sizes come in handy for organizing small items, and don’t forget permanent markers to label it all.

Lists and Labels

Don’t be afraid to make detailed lists. You can categorize clothes by seasons. Make sure the boxes you will need right away are labeled priority. You may want to label out of season boxes for storage. Make a list of everything going into the boxes, and tape it onto the outside of each box. Being organized now will help you stay organized as you unpack. Also, don’t forget to label any boxes that have breakable items as fragile, and mark them for “top load” only. You don’t want anything heavy placed on those by accident.

Unpacking and Sorting

Hopefully, all that organization and planning is paying off, and now for the best part, unpacking and placing your things around you. Those lists will help now, you will know exactly where to put each box. The high priority boxes should be the last things loaded, so they are the first ones off. Again, pay attention to boxes with fragile contents. Don’t place heavy items on them now in your zeal to be unpacked. They’ve come this far safely, thanks to a Red Bank moving service.

College Grads Moving & Storage

April 11, 2018

Moving You

Packing and unpacking are two major problems when it comes to moving. Of course moving heavy furniture and appliances onto and off of a truck is no minor inconvenience either. Obviously the best way to make the entire experience perfect is to have someone else do it for you. You can call a Rumson moving service to handle the transportation of your goods as well as the packing and unpacking. We should be your first choice when it comes to finding Rumson movers. The thrill of relocation doesn’t need to be diminished by the agony of doing it all yourself.

Rumson Moving Service

Rumson Moving Service | Packing Up

Why does the first issue we face involve so much math? Do you need to know quantum mechanics to calculate how (a) when my stuff is spread all over the various rooms in my home, how do I (b) know how many boxes it will fill? Wait, the bonus question is just as bad! Based on the dimensions of the boxes and allowing for random non uniform material, what is the interior dimension of the van I’ll need to fully contain said items, in square feet? We know the math is important because once we pick a container, it absolutely must fit.

How is it that when the movers show up, they make a few quick assessments and start packing? Almost instinctively they see the first issue resolved in their minds. Clearly not their first rodeo. This is where competence translates into referrals. Now the excitement can barely be contained. We’re moving!

Non Uniform Materials

At least heavy appliances are usually square and have flat surfaces, but that doesn’t describe most furniture. If you’ve ever helped someone move, particularly when families get together to ‘help’ one another, we don’t need to describe ‘3D living Tetris in multi-player mode.’ Packing takes a back seat to loading and unloading the same stuff all day long. Eventually someone loses it and the otherwise happy gathering becomes a little less happy. Nobody wins the game either.

Professionals that are trained to accomplish this task are amazing to behold. Granted it’s not brain surgery but it is a job that requires some skill. Professionals in any field of endeavor have a tendency to make what they do look easy; ok not the brain surgeon. The work is just as hard but the creative ability they apply is truly masterful. By proper execution of tasks in their correct sequence, they are ready to hit the road in no time.

Rumson Moving Service | On The Road Again

American highways are typically filled with all kinds of vehicles and some of those vehicles are filled with valuable merchandise. It is a huge responsibility to have all of your belongings, in a truck, cruising down the highway. How much insurance is needed to cover all of this?

Experienced truckers can log thousands of miles a week. They know what to expect and don’t find themselves surprised very often by the circumstances that can arise on the open road. It takes careful training and testing to insure both the safety of all those on the roads, along with their precious cargo.

Getting the Job Done

Isn’t the most important aspect of the Rumson moving service to complete the task? Isn’t this all about getting you and your belongings safely and securely to your new home? We know that nothing beats turning on the lights when the movers have gone and seeing everything in its proper place. Everyone deserves to know that feeling. Moving isn’t a major problem for our team at College Grads Moving. It isn’t even a minor problem. Moving you is our privilege.

College Grads Moving & Storage

April 8, 2018

Going Home

These days, college grads aren’t all going home after the big ceremony. Some will but others are bound for exotic destinations or returning to finish up an internship if not landing their first gig. One thing they can all use is a Hazlet moving service. The idea of moving back home or to a new city far away is scary enough without worrying about how to get your stuff there. Better off letting a trusted Monmouth County moving service handle the valuables. The other certainty is that life is about to change radically, again. Fortunately we are masters at the moving part of this adventure so buckle up it’s going to be a smooth ride.

Hazlet Moving Service

Hazlet Moving Service | Preparing for Home

Home isn’t just a destination any longer but a place to be established. This new base of operations is where all the excitement begins. It is also where your mail will be delivered. The headquarters from where job searches are conducted and interviews are prepared. We hope it is bigger than your former living quarters but sometimes it is not. Setting up home isn’t the same as packing up the old one because it always seems like things multiplied in transition.

Strategic Planning

Where is the nearest train station? What is parking like downtown? Where can I find a mocha late for less than 5 dollars? Regardless of where you finally settle, you need a plan. Not only do you need to find a job, but the best way to get there on time. Unless you happen to be one of the exceptional few who work from home, getting from a to b requires careful calculation.

Be Resourceful

Know your options and exercise your abilities. Hopefully peer pressure no longer holds sway now that you are in the adult world doing adult things. Not everyone you bump into has a college degree and common sense is not as common as it once was. This is not the time to follow the crowd but to lead them. You don’t have to invent new wheels but there are a lot of wheels to choose from. This is your chance to expand your home into the community to affect positive change. After all, there is only one of you and although they won’t always express appreciation, the neighborhood needs you.

Start Making Your Mark

This isn’t just about leaving a legacy although that would be nice, we have memories but we also make memories for those around us. The shared experiences with your community are opportunities to grow. Like a seed in rich soil getting plenty of sunlight and water is a person who opens their heart and home. How would you like your home, your name, your legacy to be remembered? Was it warm, inviting, precious? Can the value you add to your community after graduation be felt? What will people say about you if you move again? Will they stay in touch? The world can be a small place but a loving home can mean the world to others.

Hazlet Moving Service | No Place Like Home

Thanks to your Hazlet moving service settling in is a little bit easier wherever your new home may be. It may be time to take on the world with new found knowledge but at home you can relax. Reconnect with some old friends or meet some new ones, take in the local sites, or revisit some familiar places. Home is where you come to unwind and decompress. Home can be the place for new beginnings. Make it more than the place you keep your things. Make it special. Welcome home.

College Grads Moving & Storage

March 31, 2018

Have a Career not a Job

When you have paid thousands of dollars and you are finally  finishing up years of schooling, the last thing you want to do is get caught working a day to day job rather than a career you really love. I’m sure we have all heard the old saying, if you hate your job you have to work everyday, but if you love your job you never work a day in your life. If you want to love your job and never feel like you have to work, never feel like you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning for a paycheck then find a career you love. Here are 5 tips for finding a good career or company, like a Princeton moving service, after college.

princeton moving service

Smiling businesswoman writing a relocation checklist for her office on a clipboard and looking at camera open carton box on foreground

Do Not Let the World Tell You Who You Are!

You need to ask yourself three questions. What do you love to do? Would I be happy doing this even if I wasn’t getting paid? What in the past have I been successful doing? If you can answer these questions you are well on your way. Plan your own path. Reflect on what activities make you happy, the lifestyle you hope to have, and where you want your life to take you.

Princeton Moving Service | Know Your Interviewer!

You always want to be prepared going into an interview. You should go in dressed to impressed, whether the job calls for formal wear or not, you want to show that you care about your appearance and that regardless of what the job may entail that you respect it. You need to know who will be interviewing you, and what their company culture is. Look over their website, make sure you understand the industry the company is in and who their main competitors are. You need to be aware of what types of products they sell, or how it is that they make their profit. This way going in there you have n insight into what they may need and be looking for in a perspective employee, and you can be more prepared for what they throw at you.

If You Can’t Stand Your Boss You Won’t Like Your Job

You want to be sure that when you are deciding on the company you want to begin your career at, if not your career place itself, you want to be sure to like and respect your boss. Not only will your relationship with your boss directly affect your mood but also your overall work experience and success within a company.

Princeton Moving Service | Do Not Be Afraid Of Responsibilities

A rule of thumb when you are trying to move up in the workforce, ask for more responsibility. You do not want to bite off more than you can chew but know how much you can handle and push yourself to always do your best. You don’t want to sit by and wait for someone to tell you what to do, take initiative. Show your boss not only that you deserve to be promoted, but you can handle it without a doubt.

Love What You Do More Than What You Make

I know that looking for a job and trying to build a career can be an overwhelming process. Many times you just want to take anything that looks your way because you have financial concerns weighing on you. Do not ever let money hold you back from what you truly love and deserve. If you feel you need to take a job to be financially responsible that is more than understandable, but keep searching! Never settle for less than your dream. Whether you want to own the best Princeton moving service, or climb to the top of the corporate ladder, or start your own all natural beauty store, whatever it is, go for it and never give up.

College Grads Moving & Storage

March 13, 2018

Downsizing Tips For The College Grad

Are you a college grad ready to leave home? Moving is never an easy task. It can be overwhelming, anxiety ridden, and frustrating beyond belief. What if i told you there are simple tips to minimize those stressors and make your move go as smooth as silk? Whether you are moving out for the first time, or you have been switching dorms every year, downsizing is a great way to simplify your moving experience. That, and using the right Monmouth County Moving Service. Here are 5 tips to downsizing!

Monmouth County Moving Service

  1. Clothing

    When you’re going through college you have the option to store much of your clothes that you aren’t in the season for, at Mom and Dad’s, which will save so much space. If you are finishing college though and you are moving out on your own, the best thing you can do is go through your clothes. Sort through your clothing, and ask yourself, when is the last time I wore this shirt? How about these jeans? If the answer is over six months to a year ago, chances are you won’t be wearing it again anytime soon. I know it can be hard to let go of clothing, we all have our style and sentimental value to the things we own, but rest assured that what you give away will find a good home that needs the blessing of your hand-me-downs.

  2. Monmouth County Moving Service | Minimize Your Accessories

    Just like with your clothes, I’m sure you have much sentimental value to your different hats, bags, and other accessories. Again though if you have not used, or worn, these things in over six months to a year, it may be time to retire them. There are so many different options out there today to let go of these belongings. You could donate them, or you could sell them over different apps that are easily available. Which, is a great way to make a little extra cash to help out with your move.

  3. Minimize Decorations

    Most of us are guilty of going out to different stores and seeing something we like and thinking “that would look great in my room,” but if you have limited space, ask yourself, do I really have a place for this? It’s nice to decorate and take a blank wall and room and turn it into your own, but so often, less is more. There will come a day when you will have an entire home that you can buy furniture and decorations for, and

  4. If You Didn’t Use it Then, You Won’t Use it Now

    If you have things that you are questioning bringing with you, but you have not used them throughout high school, or college, whichever the case may be; You won’t now. So just don’t bring them.

  5.  Monmouth County Moving Service | Change Your Mindset

    When deciding what is worth bringing with you, you have to place yourself in the right mindset. How busy will your schedule be? Are you going to be home a lot, where you might want to bring all your books and things, or are you going to be in class and/or working most of the time? If that is the case, then evaluate what you will really need with you, and what can stay safely tucked away at your parents’ home.

    Moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through but if you have the right tips and the right Monmouth County Moving Service, it makes like a whole lot easier. So, when you are ready to make that big move and you are downsizing and looking for a company to help with your storage needs, remember these tips.

    College Grads Moving & Storage

March 9, 2018

Money Tips For College Grads

Money is one of the biggest stressors in all of our lives, but after college when you have just spent your savings or took out a loan, it ways heavy on our hearts. Money might make the world go round, but it does not have to make you go crazy. There are many helpful tips out there to get you from college grad with financial debt, to a college grad free from worry. Here are 7 tips, from a Princeton Moving Company, for you.

Princeton Moving Company

Save Money

You should be doing your best to put away 20-25% of you paycheck each week. Then, do what makes you happy with the rest! There is no need to hold yourself back from things because you are stressing about your financial situation, adding extra pressure does not help anyone! If you are able to put away money, you are doing what you need to do! If you can put up to 20-25% away, you are doing much better than what you think! If you can do that, you are saving more than what 99% of people were able to when they got started!

Start Tracking Your Money

There are many different apps and options out there to help you start tracking where you are allocating your money. No matter how small, or how much you have, it is good to be paying attention to where your money goes, whether its savings, investments, or payments. If you know where your money is going, you know how to better handle it. What to put more into such as savings or investments, and where to pull back from, such as purchases or subscriptions.

Better Money Habits

It only takes one month to build a new habit! So start today! Small consistent changes create huge change and growth.

Do Not Wait On Your Perfect Career

You never want to settle for less, but it takes work to get everything you always wanted! Get a job doing something as close to what you really want as possible. Start building your network, start creating ideas and avenues in your life! Never be so focused on the end result that you miss all the steps on the way!

Princeton Moving Company | Take a Chance- its not a risk

Mistakes are how we learn and grow, it is a part of life to stumble because it teaches us how to stand up stronger. Too many of us are striving so hard to be everything we hope and dream we can be that we stress perfection, rather than being proud of our progress. Be proud of how far you have come, many of us don’t find our perfect career right away. It takes time and experience to really know yourself and where you want this dream to take you. So get out there and try things, those things, and the mistakes you may make along the way just might be the thing that spells it all out for you.

Minimize Expenses

We all want to go out and have a good time and unwind, but there is a right way to do it. Don’t eat out everyday with friends and wonder where your money went. That is just one example of a good place to start cutting back. There are many others, such as commuting. If you are taking an uber to work everyday, try looking into public transportation. If you have the option to live rent free, then seize that opportunity to grow your wealth.

Princeton Moving Company | Never Stop Learning

Whether you start looking into good investment ideas to build your finances outside of your career, or looking into Roth IRA’s to grow your money, new skills are always beneficial. If you can learn new skills that you foresee are becoming a huge demand for the future, then you always have things to fall back on. Do not limit yourself to your dream career, rather open yourself to all the possibilities out there. You never know what you may find, or who you could meet that may rocket you into the next level of your life.  It is always good to find a hustle that works for you, and subsidize your career income. Try not to get caught up in having a perfect life, you will be so busy stressing that you might miss the life you have. Life is what we make it. So if you are a college grad looking for a move, there is no better Princeton Moving Company than College Grads Moving & Storage.

College Grads Moving & Storage




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